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Manchester attack: Police hunt 'network' behind bomber
A seventh person is arrested in the UK over the arena attack, as pictures emerge appearing to show the bomber's detonator and backpack.
Manchester attack: Who were the victims?
Schoolgirls, parents waiting to pick up children, and an off-duty police officer are among the dead.
Manchester attack: 'Fury' at US 'evidence' photos leak
The New York Times publishes photos it says show the scene of the bomb attack.
Trump in Brussels for 'tough' Nato talks amid protests
The US president has previously criticised Nato members for not meeting spending targets.
Cost of Tories' free breakfasts 'could treble'
A Tory pledge to offer free breakfasts to primary school pupils could go beyond a £60m costing.
Brazil protests: Ministerial building set on fire during clashes
Around 35,000 demonstrators took to the streets of the capital Brasilia angry at alleged corruption.
Man Utd win Europa League
Manchester United beat Ajax to win the Europa League and reach next season's Champions League on an emotional night in Stockholm.
Messi's Spanish jail sentence for tax fraud to stand
A Spanish court confirms a 21-month sentence, but the Barcelona footballer is unlikely to go to prison.
Republican health bill to leave 23m uninsured
House Republicans were excoriated for passing the bill before the Congressional Budget Office score.
Church of Scotland to decide on gay marriage
A report recommends that ministers should not be denied the authority to preside over gay weddings.
Edinburgh hotel pays compensation over shower scalding death
Kalyani Uthaman from India was on holiday in Edinburgh when she was severely scalded in a shower at the Premier Inn.
Landslide buries California's Pacific Coast Highway
A million tonnes of rock and dirt cover State Route 1, and officials do not know when it will reopen.
Ariana Grande cancels concerts after Manchester attack
The US singer suspends her European tour after a bomber killed 22 people at her Manchester show.
Man Utd fans unite for minute's silence after Arena bombing
Manchester United fans put the grief of Monday's bombing to one side to enjoy the Europa League final.
Manchester attack: UK on alert after bombing
Security is increased to protect key sites following the Manchester Arena bombing, as people continue to pay tribute to those who died.
Manchester attack: Homeless ‘hero’ offered place to live
West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan’s son is united with the homeless man who helped victims during the Manchester attack.
What we know so far
A suspected suicide bomber killed 22 people and injured 64 at Manchester Arena. Here is what we know.
Manchester attack: Mum addresses head-on her children's worries about terror
A mother of three answers her children's questions about the tragic events in Manchester.
Reality Check: How terrorism threat levels work
As the UK terror threat level is raised to its highest level, we ask what does that mean?
Who was Salman Abedi?
The man suspected of killing 22 people in Manchester had recently returned to the city from Libya.
Manchester united in grief but stronger in defiance
People of Manchester talk of their shock and determination to unite together through their grief.
Manchester concerts carry on, but for some it's too soon
Concertgoers return to venues as Simple Minds say cancelling their show would have felt "cowardly".
Manchester Arena attack: How events unfolded
Twenty-two people were killed and 59 injured in the explosion at Manchester Arena.
Manchester attack: Vigil finds city defiant in the face of terror
Manchester comes together in a sombre but defiant mood to remember the victims of the concert attack.
Newspaper headlines: 'MI5 was warned' about attacker
Papers say authorities had chances to stop the attacker, with claims more bombs have been found.
Harvard student raps his thesis - and graduates with honours
Finals never had such flow. Why a Harvard graduate dropped a 10-track rap album for his thesis.
Battle for Mosul: IS 'using chemical weapons'
Mosul residents say they are suffering from a rising number of suspected chemical attacks by so-called Islamic State.
The pizza shop feeding the homeless one slice at a time
In this Philadelphia pizza shop, customers can pay $1 to purchase pizza slices for homeless patrons.
Overdue library book found 4,000 miles away in US
A book borrowed in Dudley eight years ago turned up at a library in Kentucky, US.
Nokia 3310: How long could you survive with a retro phone?
Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones swaps his smartphone for the retro Nokia 3310 for a day.
'We are Manchester': Defiant post captures public mood
These words went viral in a Facebook message posted by a Manchester nightclub.
Firefighters free one-tonne bull stuck in bog on Skye
The animal's rescue from the peat bog involved four hours of digging by retained firefighters.
Melania Trump in black at the Vatican. Why?
Mrs Trump wore a veil to the Vatican - but what are the rules for a meeting with a pope?
Mary Hopkin's Beatles poster sells for £28k at auction
The gig advert was only expected to fetch between £400 to £800 at an auction of Mary Hopkin's collection.
BBC News Channel
BBC coverage of latest developments
The sex slaves of al-Shabab
Last year Salama Ali uncovered a secret - that the al-Shabab militant group was seizing Kenyan woman and turning them into sex slaves.
Is heroin being smuggled on Pakistani planes into Heathrow?
Pakistani officials investigate two incidents in which the drug was found on London-bound planes.
Waiting for take-off in West Africa
Flying between the West African capitals of Freetown and Banjul should take about an hour. But as the BBC's Umaru Fofana found out, it can be quicker and easier to fly via Morocco or even Belgium.
'I turned my dad's erotic novel into a hit podcast'
As more and more people listen to podcasts, how can podcast makers make money from what they do?
Manchester attacks: Police officers have to 'venture into hell'
An officer who spent years witnessing horrific events says the impact on police is not fully understood.
Nato and Trump: What future for the Atlantic alliance?
Nato leaders are playing down President Trump's first visit to the Brussels HQ.
Why doesn't Australia have an indigenous treaty?
Unlike other Commonwealth countries, the nation has never had a treaty with its indigenous peoples.
Lipstick and dresses return to Mosul’s streets
Footage from east Mosul, Iraq, reveals the legacy of horror left by so-called Islamic State, but also suggests some of life is returning to normal.
Reality Check: What's in document Pope gave as gift to Trump?
The pontiff handed the US president a document at the Vatican. Reality Check looks at what's inside.
Manchester attack: What can be done to make public spaces safe?
Why members of the public are increasingly important in the the battle to prevent terror attacks.
Why a $1.6bn car plant has been left to decay
Mexico is the world's fourth largest car exporter, but could Donald Trump bring this to an end?
Upon arrival, Trump sees Europe in stark terms
President Trump will visit Europe this week, highlighting his own history of varied and contradictory views.
Gay couple's hopes for Taiwan marriage
A gay couple with twins in Taiwan explains why they hope they will eventually be allowed to marry.
Why Venezuelan parents keep children at home
As the political crisis in Venezuela deepens, more parents choose not to send their children to school.
Obituary: Sir Roger Moore
The life of the debonair actor who brought a lighter touch to the role of James Bond.
How to talk to children about attack
What is the best approach for parents when the news is frightening?
Manchester attack: David Beckham says Man Utd's Europa League win 'brings happiness'
Manchester United's Europa League triumph brings "a little happiness at a difficult time", says former England captain David Beckham.
England v South Africa: Eoin Morgan hits century in Headingley win
A brilliant Eoin Morgan century leads England to a 72-run victory over South Africa in the first one-day international at Headingley.
Manchester Arena attack: Great Manchester Run will go ahead on Sunday
The Great Manchester Run will go ahead on Sunday following talks over security after the Manchester Arena attack.
Monaco Grand Prix: Jenson Button feeling no pressure on Formula 1 return
Jenson Button says he is feeling no pressure going into his one-off return to Formula 1 at Monaco this weekend.
England v South Africa: Eoin Morgan century sets up win
England captain Eoin Morgan hits five sixes in a superb 107 as his side beat South Africa by 72 runs at Headingley in the first one-day international.
Europa League final: Manchester Utd & Ajax pay tribute to Manchester victims
Manchester United and Ajax players and fans observe a silence as a tribute to the victims of Monday's attack at the Manchester Arena.
French Open 2017: Simona Halep a doubt, Tara Moore beaten in qualifying
World number four Simona Halep says she has only a "50-50" chance of being fit for next week's French Open.
Who is Paul Nuttall? A profile of the UKIP leader
A profile of Paul Nuttall, leader of the UK Independence Party.
General election 2017: Manifesto guide on where the parties stand
Issue by issue, what the parties are pledging, presented in easy-to-scan bullet points.
General election: Why 7.5m people can't vote for a woman
More than 100 constituencies across the UK have no female candidates standing, BBC research says.
General election 2017: Sweet shop in Warwick predicts results
Its owner claims his customers helped him correctly call Brexit and the 2015 election result.
General election 2017: BBC Election Bot
Keep up to date with latest news from the UK's general election.
Who is Tim Farron? A profile of the Liberal Democrat leader
The life and times of Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats.
The Scottish voters at the heart of a Tory-SNP battle
If the Conservatives are to pick up seats in Scotland, they will want to start on the Scottish borders.
Election 2017: What jobs do UK workers actually do?
Who are the 'hard-working' and 'ordinary' people that politicians love to appeal to?
The Jeremy Corbyn story: Profile of Labour leader
The life and times of Jeremy Corbyn, the man bidding to be the next Labour prime minister.
Reality Check: What would wiping student debt cost?
The Green Party has pledged to write off all existing debt as well as scrapping tuition fees.
Seumas v Lynton: The power behind the thrones?
The leaders of the parties are well-known - but who's advising them?
Election 2017: Places with the lowest voter registration
Areas of London, Birmingham and Leeds have the highest proportions of adults not registered to vote.
Poll tracker: How the parties compare
Who is on course to win the 2017 general election? Use our tracker to see the latest analysis.
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Attempt at building kinder, gentler Reddit downvoted off the Web
<h4>Chat forums beyond <i>El Reg</i> just do respectful whimsy, so goodbye 'Imzy'</h4> <p>Reddit can be a nasty, nasty place. So nasty that a in 2015 half a dozen Reddit employees – some who said they'd experienced personal abuse or threats of violence from Reddit members - bailed from the company and set their sights on “rethinking the way communities exist on the Internet.”…</p>
Fat-thumbed dev slashes Samba security
<h4>Remote code execution in all versions since 3.5.0, so it's patching time!</h4> <p>Sysadmins tending Samba need to get patching.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Machine 1, Man 0: AlphaGo slams world's best Go player in the first round
<h4>DeepMind scores another win in marketing its AI</h4> <p>AlphaGo yesterday one-upped man as it won the first out of three games against Ke Jie, the world’s number one player in Go.…</p>
Uber New York class action alleges passengers overcharged $7.43m per month
<h4>Dial-a-ride d-baggery claimed on passenger side too</h4> <p>Uber's New York woes are piling up, as the dial-a-ride service has now been sued by riders who believe they were being overcharged.…</p>
Google, Lyft, IBM mix microservices into management mesh
<h4>Kubernetes cluster cat herding, brought to you by Istio</h4> <p>Microservices architecture, in which monolithic apps get broken down into a set of distinct services, goes well with containers and orchestration.…</p>
FCC revised net neutrality rules reveal cable company control of process
<h4>We take a look inside the campaign to undermine the internet</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong> The FCC has released a revised version of its plans to tear up net neutrality – and unwittingly revealed the extraordinary influence that the cable industry has over the process.…</p>
Democracy-minded DEF CON hackers promise punishing probe on US election computers
<h4>Voting machine hacking could turn very ugly</h4> <p>Organizers at the DEF CON hacking conference in July are planning a mass cracking of US electronic election machines.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Feeling Locky, punk? Ransomware grew eight-fold last year
<h4>Days of future past</h4> <p>Ransomware saw a more than eight-fold (752 per cent) increase as a mode of attack in 2016, according to Trend Micro.…</p>
Schiaparelli probe crash caused by excessive spin, report concludes
<h4>Lander exercise was 'very close' to a success</h4> <p>The Schiaparelli probe suffered a botched landing on the Martian surface as it briefly spun out of control, confusing the computer systems onboard, an official <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">report</a> concluded today.…</p>
Intel pitches a Thunderbolt 3-for-all
<h4>Chipzilla says USB standard will be open to the world</h4> <p>Intel is pushing its Thunderbolt 3.0 USB port as the defacto input mode for future PCs.…</p>
Twilio packages code boilerplate to woo devs
<h4>Call proxy service aims to appeal to businesses with mobile workers</h4> <p>Cloud communications service Twilio believes software development doesn't have to play out like Groundhog Day, a film in which a man relives the same day over and over. For developers, that sense of déjà vu is a common experience.…</p>
Costs v sales agent? Not just yet, judge tells Retro Computers Ltd
<h4>ZX Spectrum-themed game console firm didn't quite win court order, either</h4> <p>ZX Spectrum Vega firm Retro Computers Ltd has had its attempt to force former sales agent Nick Cooper to hand over extra information in the ongoing court battle between the two postponed today by the London County Court.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
HPE flashes out 3PAR, Nimble and MSA kit
<h4>Joins Dell EMC, NetApp, Pure to upgrade all-flash arrays</h4> <p>HPE has announced new mid-range 3PAR all-flash arrays, fifth generation MSA arrays, Nimble Secondary Flash arrays, and cloud-connected StoreOnce data protection.…</p>
Hitachi exits mainframe hardware but will collab with IBM on z Systems
<h4>Big Blue's big iron to be loaded with Hitachi's OS software</h4> <p>Hitachi has stopped building its own mainframes but will supply IBM z Systems loaded with Hitachi VOS3 operating system software.…</p>
Huawei missed memo that PC's dead – so here are three new notebooks
<h4>Touchscreens? Who needs 'em?</h4> <p><strong>Hands On</strong> Huawei this week launched three Intel devices running Windows 10: a slim notebook, a Surface-a-like 2-in-1, and a conventional 15.6" laptop.…</p>
HPE's Nimble Secondary Flash Array uses... disk?
<h4>What are they banging on about?</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong> Having acquired <a target="_blank" href="">Nimble Storage</a> and its hybrid and all-flash arrays, HPE is positioning it as a kind of secondary storage. What does that mean?…</p>
Google now mingles everything you've bought with everywhere you've been
<h4>(And everything you've seen) Welcome to 'Closing the Loop'</h4> <p>In a move with echoes of the fictional internet giant described in Dave Eggers' <i>The Circle</i>, Google's has begun trawling through billions of personal credit card records, matching them to your browser, location and advertising histories.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Are telcos' customers expecting too much of IoT connectivity techs?
<h4>Also, here's why LTE-M gained ground over NB-IoT in Europe</h4> <p>Some customers are expecting more than can be realistically delivered with licensed spectrum Internet of Things connectivity technologies, a major European telco has warned.…</p>
Dixons Carphone: Brexit not a factor as Brits' gadget lust holds strong
<h4>Gloom and doom? Consumers still shopping with us, trills CEO</h4> <p>Political uncertainty haven’t put punters off purchasing electronic gadgets, Dixons Carphone CEO reported today.…</p>
WDC flashes the cash in in Tosh Memory biz bid: 2 treeellion yen
<h4>Partners with state-backed Japanese funds</h4> <p><strong>+Comment</strong> WDC is partnering with a state-backed Japanese fund and bidding ¥2 trillion ($17.9bn, £13.8bn) to buy Toshiba’s Memory Business.…</p>
64-bit malware threat may be itty-bitty now, but it's only set to grow
<h4>Upgrade and they will come</h4> <p>The volume of 64-bit malware in the wild remains low even though computers running 64-bit operating systems became ubiquitous years ago.…</p>
'Odour' from AnalTech ramming leads to hazmat team callout
<h4>Some might say this is fake news. It isn't</h4> <p>An American company implausibly named AnalTech – no, really – has been slammed hard enough for a hazardous materials response team to be called out to deal with the smell.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
AI-powered dynamic pricing turns its gaze to the fuel pumps
<h4>Shopping as a constant poker game</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong> "AI" could soon be making petrol more expensive at times of peak demand like the start of a bank holiday weekend or the school run.…</p>
Speaking in Tech: Depressing WannaCrypt postmortem edition
<strong>Podcast</strong> At least we'll always have #catsinteslas
8 out of 10 cats fear statistics – AI doesn't have this problem
<h4>Use and abuse of figures</h4> <p>If statistics were a human being, it would have been in deep therapy all of its 350-year life. The sessions might go like this:…</p>
PAH! Four decades of Star Wars: No lightsabers, no palm-sized video calls
<h4>Sort of. Leia's a New Hope</h4> <p><strong>Star Wars New Hope @ 40</strong> When Lucasfilm recently unveiled its <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">tribute reel</a> to the late Carrie Fisher, one of the most memorable monologues in cinema sat right in its center.…</p>
Facebook shares own tools to trap bugs before they break code
<h4>Test management and debugging at scale become a bit less daunting</h4> <p>Facebook on Wednesday plans to introduce a set of open source developer tools to streamline app development testing and bug hunting.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Channel luvvie Martin Hellawell set to check out of Softcat. Sort of
<h4>IPO? Ticked. 1,079% growth in 11 years? Ticked. Lost the tightness? Nah</h4> <p>Martin Hellawell, the <a target="_blank" href="">McDonald's-card-toting CEO</a> at mega reseller Softcat isn't quite <a target="_blank" href="">sailing off into the sunset</a> just yet, but he is preparing to handover the operation once a successor is found.…</p>
Britain's on the brink of a small-scale nuclear reactor revolution
<h4>Sure, there are hurdles, but no £18bn hole on the other side like Hinkley Point</h4> <p>For the first time ever in April, the UK's data centres and clouds ran on electricity generated without burning coal.…</p>
Network-sniffing, automation, machine learning: How to get better threat intel
<h4>When two 'innocent' events on the network are anything but</h4> <p>IT teams can get away with poor service management, outdated software development methods and outdated apps running on legacy tin, but they might want to think twice before skimping on cybersecurity. If you don't stay on top of this stuff, while you might not be found out today or tomorrow, eventually, your customers’ personal details might just turn up on Pastebin.…</p>
GPU-flingers' bash: Forget the Matrix, Neo needs his tensors
<h4>What's a tensor? Glad you asked...</h4> <p><strong>HPC blog</strong> Last week, Nvidia held its biggest ever GPU Technology Conference (GTC). The big walk-away is that GPUs are rapidly becoming an expected and standard component of computing, table stakes in many cases, across the computing platform. Big deal right there and hence the frothiness of much of the coverage.…</p>
EU ministers approve anti-hate speech video rules
<h4>Facebook, Google, Twitter and friends face clampdown</h4> <p>European Union ministers have approved new rules for video that will oblige Facebook, Google, Twitter and others to remove hate speech and sexually explicit videos online or face stiff fines.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Google starts enterprise support for Chrome, including top SaaS apps
<h4>Lobs deployment tools at sysadmins, complete with Silverlight and ActiveX support</h4> <p>Google is trying to give businesses a reason to ditch Internet Explorer by giving sysadmins a new set of tools for mass deployment of its own Chrome browser.…</p>
LinkedIn finds friends to join its 'Open19' data centre standards effort
<h4>Stacks up against Open Compute with one design for data centres of all sizes plan</h4> <p>LinkedIn wants you to brick it in the data centre by following it and its friends with a new standard for data centre hardware that pushes its ambitions to the edge and into competition with the Facebook-derived Open Compute Project.…</p>
India makes biometrics mandatory for all e-gov projects
<h4>Cloud's just 'recommended', for now, as local industry plans 50 per cent growth by 2025</h4> <p>India's issued three “Guidance Notes” outlining its government's policies for procuring software and entering into alliances and running RFPs.…</p>
Google wants to track your phone and credit card through meatspace
<h4>World's biggest advertising company needs to prove ads are worth the money</h4> <p>Google wants stores to gather purchase data on its behalf, to bolster its case that advertising on the platform works.…</p>
Dodge this: Fiat-Chrysler gets diesel-fuelled sueball from DoJ
<h4>Emissions software scandal flares anew</h4> <p>Fiat-Chrysler, accused of the same kind of software defeat as landed Volkswagen in hot water, is now the subject of a Department of Justice lawsuit.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Bluemix gives users two months to adopt new rolling deployment tool
<h4>Active Deploy binned in favour of Kubernetes and/or Cloud Foundry</h4> <p>IBM's announced a swift retirement of its Active Deploy service, a facility offered to those who want frequent updates to cloudy applications.…</p>
What's got a vast attack surface and runs on Linux? Windows Defender, of course
<h4>Penguinistas, rejoice: Tavis Ormandy lets you fuzz Windows</h4> <p>Google Project Zero's Windows bug-hunter and fuzz-boffin Tavis Ormandy has given the world an insight into how he works so fast: he works on Linux, and with the release of a personal project on GitHub, others can too.…</p>
How good are selfies these days? Good enough to fool Samsung Galaxy S8 biometrics
<h4>Iris-scanner defeated with a camera in night mode, a contact lens, and a printer</h4> <p>Chaos Computer Club's "Starbug" has taken a look at the Samsung Galaxy S8's iris-scanning authentication feature and found you can beat it with a photograph.…</p>
Java Daddy James Gosling goes to work for Amazon Web Services
<h4>He left Oracle years ago so this is no biggie, but clearly cloud is where big brains want to roost</h4> <p>Java creator James Gosling has announced he now works for Amazon Web Services.…</p>
Last week: 'OpenVPN client is secure!'
This week: 'Unpatched bug in OpenVPN server'
<h4>And it's a nasty one if the user you crack has admin rights</h4> <p>French security outfit Sysdream has gone public with a vulnerability in the admin interface for OpenVPN's server.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Armstrong's moon-purse set for $4m bid-off
<h4>One small bag for a man, one giant check for Sotheby's</h4> <p>The bag Neil Armstrong used to carry home lunar samples from the Apollo 11 mission could fetch up to $4m at auction next month.…</p>
Target inks $18.5m deal with US states to settle 2013 data breach
<h4>Fines equal around 8 hours of profit, that'll teach them</h4> <p>Target, the shopping behemoth for people who are too classy to go to Walmart, has today reached a settlement with 47 states and the District of Columbia over the 2013 hacking incident that saw 70 million customers lose their personal information.…</p>
Particle boffins calculate new constraints for probability of finding dark matter
<h4>Axions still a no-show over at CERN Axion Telescope</h4> <p>The hunt for axions – a potential dark matter candidate – at the CERN Axion Solar Telescope has been fruitless. But scientists refuse to give up as they set a new limit that calculates the probability of finding these elusive particles.…</p>
Bloodbath at LeEco US as Chinese tech upstart implodes with layoffs
<h4>Kiss goodbye to that Android bike and Transformers car</h4> <p>It has all gone pear-shaped for Chinese conglomerate LeEco after the firm told nearly 70 per cent of its US staff that their services will no longer be required.…</p>
Uber found to be doing something awful? Yep, it's Tuesday
<h4>Dial-a-ride house admits underpaying New York drivers</h4> <p>Uber said today that it will hand drivers back pay that could add up to tens of millions of dollars.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Republicans' net neutrality attack written by… you guessed it, the cable lobby
<h4>Metadata confirms what we all suspected</h4> <p>A "toolkit" provided to House Republicans to defend US comms watchdog the FCC's recent decision to <a target="_blank" href="">tear up</a> net neutrality rules was written by the cable lobby.…</p>
NSA takes one-two punch to the face
<h4>Two sets of judges rule for citizens and against government</h4> <p>The US National Security Agency has been hit by two legal losses that may put the last part of its controversial spying program on US citizens under threat.…</p>
Comcast accused of siccing lawyers on net neutrality foe
<h4>Activists say they got cease and desist threat for pointing out astroturfing</h4> <p>An activist group says it was threatened by Comcast lawyers after it pointed out the cable giant's efforts to astroturf the FCC with fake comments on net neutrality.…</p>

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