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No-one charged in 9 out of 10 crimes - Home Office
Only 9% of crimes end with suspects being charged or summonsed, Home Office figures suggest.
PM to say Brexit plan will deliver for Northern Ireland
During her Belfast visit Theresa May is expected to say a plan agreed at Chequers will work for NI.
Trump rejects proposal for Russia to interrogate US citizens
The US rejects President Putin's call to question US citizens, including a former Moscow ambassador.
Tory chief whip Julian Smith under fire in pairing row
Julian Smith faces pressure after an MP was told to break a pact and take part in a key Brexit vote.
Poundworld to disappear from the High Street
The collapse means all 335 stores will have closed by 10 August with the loss of 5,100 jobs.
Grenfell firefighter: 'I carried girl down nine floors'
Firefighter Harry Bettinson was still on probation at the time of the Grenfell Tower fire.
Plan to teach all children first aid
It comes after an inquiry into the Manchester bombing found that many adults lacked life-saving skills.
Trump: I hold Putin responsible over election meddling
Donald Trump says he considers President Putin responsible for any Russian interference in US elections.
Alisson: Liverpool make Brazilian world's most expensive keeper
Liverpool make Alisson the world's most expensive keeper as they sign the Brazilian from Roma on a six-year contract for a reported £66.8m.
Windrush scandal: Compensation could be capped under proposed scheme
The Home Office announces a consultation on its plans to compensate victims of the Windrush scandal.
Egypt sarcophagus: Mystery black tomb opened in Alexandria
Archaeologists unseal a huge black granite sarcophagus found in the ancient city of Alexandria.
Former GP David Crichton 'hired hitman' over debt
Prosecutors allege he blamed his financial adviser for a £300,000 loss and the break-up of his marriage
Slowing Gulf Stream current to boost warming for 20 years
The Atlantic system that warms the UK is slowing down but this may cause even more heating.
The dramatic effect of the UK heatwave
The recent hot weather has seen waterfalls dry up and lush, green grass turn yellow.
When should you pierce a child's ears?
Reality TV star's decision to piece her baby's ears has thousands talking about consent and culture.
Transgender at school: Students share mixed experiences
Two teenagers share their experiences of being transgender school students.
Is it ever acceptable for social workers to ignore their clients?
An Instagram post from Humans of New York has led social workers to explain why they would ignore clients.
Lowestoft 'Thomas the Tank Engine' land train stolen
The land train has a blue "locomotive" with a Thomas the Tank Engine face and two carriages.
Ipswich school converts a helicopter into a classroom
A school's site manager came up with the idea after watching a television programme.
'Generation Sensible' in five charts
Whether it's drinking or taking drugs, young people in the UK seem to be getting more sensible.
Trafalgar Square catwalk for body positivity
A pop-up catwalk in Trafalgar Square invites people of all shapes and sizes to show body positivity.
Persimmon homeowners in Newquay warn would-be buyers with signs
Persimmon Homes says it "remains committed to resolving the works" at the homes in Newquay.
Would you choose to sleep with the fishes?
Councillors are considering a proposal for an underwater graveyard off Australia's Gold Coast.
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BBC coverage of latest developments
Could this 'biodegradable bag' cut plastic pollution?
A British company says their bags biodegrade to nothing, but not everyone is convinced.
Brexit: What do the EU's 'no deal' preparations say?
The EU has issued a 16-page document outlining the preparations for deal or no deal.
The women choosing to love their natural grey hair
As celebrities rush to colour their hair silver, some women with natural greys are ditching dyes.
The Sheffield estate where the garage has become an art gallery
A once-notorious housing estate in Sheffield is getting an art gallery - in its old garage block.
Heatwave: Is there more crime in hot weather?
Police forces are experiencing record numbers of 999 calls.
Home alone: 'It made me feel that I was unloved'
As the long holidays start, children's charity NSPCC urges parents and carers not to leave young children home alone.
Unlikely partners? China and Israel deepening trade ties
Israel may be a big ally of the US, but it is moving ahead with ever more business deals with China.
The Open 2018: Rory McIlroy in contention, Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth fade, Kevin Kisner leads
Rory McIlroy makes an encouraging start to The Open Championship as American Kevin Kisner takes the first-round lead at Carnoustie.
Tour de France: Geraint Thomas wins back-to-back stages to retain yellow jersey
Geraint Thomas wins his second Tour de France stage in a row to extend his yellow jersey lead as Sky team-mate Chris Froome finishes fourth.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic on Pogba, Rooney, leaving Man Utd and that debut goal for LA Galaxy
Zlatan Ibrahimovic speaks to BBC Sport about Paul Pogba, Wayne Rooney, leaving Manchester United and that debut goal for LA Galaxy.
Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes driver agrees £40m-a-year deal until 2020
Four-time world champion Lewis Hamilton agrees a lucrative deal to stay at Mercedes until the end of 2020.
The Open 2018: The shot 'bordering on ridiculous' - Kiradech Aphibarnrat holes out from fairway
Thailand's Kiradech Aphibarnrat holes a remarkable shot from the fairway on the 17th hole on the opening day of the 2018 Open Championship at Carnoustie.
Europa League qualifier: Runavík 4-6 Hibernian (5-12)
Hibernian progress to the second round of Europa League qualifying after a crazy 10-goal second leg against Runavik in the Faroe Islands.
Super League: Wigan Warriors 6-14 St Helens
St Helens win at second-placed rivals Wigan Warriors to stretch their lead at the top of Super League to 10 points.
Now That's What I Call Music: How one compilation came to rule them all
The full, untold story of Now That's What I Call Music - by the people who made it.
The full story of Thailand’s extraordinary cave rescue
It's a remarkable story of friendship and human endurance - and it all began with a birthday party.
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Acquisition Galvanize'd: Code bootcamp Hack Reactor eyed up by hungry tech trainers
<h4>Enterprise is the new green among programming retreats</h4> <p>Galvanize – a for-profit tech training biz headquartered in Denver, USA – said today it plans to acquire Hack Reactor, a San Francisco-based code bootcamp provider, for an undisclosed sum.…</p>
Fukushima reactors lend exotic nuclear finish to California's wines
<h4>Smooth body with a perky top note and a hint of cesium-137 for post-2011 vintages</h4> <p>Savants reckon radiation released by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear kerfuffle has made its way into California's wine.…</p>
Mmm, yes. 11-nines data durability? Mmmm, that sounds good. Except it's virtually meaningless
<h4>No one can agree on how it's calculated</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong> What do data durability numbers mean? Azure brags 12 and even 16 nines durability, while <a target="_blank" href="">Amazon S3</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Google Cloud Platform</a> and Backblaze tout 11 nines. What does this mean?…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Declassified files reveal how pre-WW2 Brits smashed Russian crypto
<h4>Moscow's agents used one-time pads, er, two times – ой!</h4> <p>Efforts by British boffins to thwart Russian cryptographic cyphers in the 1920s and 1930s have been declassified, providing fascinating insights into an obscure part of the history of code breaking.…</p>
Architects? Power-hungry GPU fiends? HP has something for you
<h4>Venerable PC maker emits bunch of graphics powerhouses</h4> <p>Demonstrating that there is still life in the old dog, HP Inc has ripped the covers off a line-up of workstations aimed squarely at users seeking a lot more oomph from a smaller form-factor.…</p>
Brit tech forges alliance to improve cyber security as MPs moan over 'acute scarcity' of experts
<h4>We're even short 'moderately specialist' types ...</h4> <p>A cross-sector alliance incorporating leading UK organisations has been created in response to government plans to develop a national professional body for cybersecurity.…</p>
Adobe on internal systems security hole: Panic not. It isn't critical
<h4>Researcher: Well, I think you'll find....</h4> <p>Adobe has attempted to play down the significance of a vulnerability in its internal systems.…</p>
Spooked Cisco chief phoned AWS, asked: You're not making a switch, are you?
<h4>Switchzilla's share price dipped following rumor of direct rivalry</h4> <p>Network hardware makers can rest easy: the tech titan that is Amazon Web Services isn't going to be selling switches any time soon, which will likely be music to the ears of current AWS supplier Cisco.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Ah, British summer. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the internet is on the fritz
<h4>Sky, TalkTalk and M24Seven all withered in the heat this week</h4> <p>As the big red ball in the sky continued to shine on the UK, internet providers decided to have a bit of a lie-down, with Sky, TalkTalk and leased line specialist M24Seven all taking a turn on the sun-lounger.…</p>
Liquidators appointed for Tintri UK as DDN bids to become reseller
<h4>Unpaid former staff will get something... eventually</h4> <p>Liquidators were today appointed to squeeze Tintri UK for whatever cash they can get out of the fallen business.…</p>
Azure running out of internets in UK South, starts rationing VMs
<h4>Stop me if you've heard this one before</h4> <p>There are rumblings that Azure is having capacity issues once again, with customers in the UK South region reporting problems getting new VMs provisioned.…</p>
British Airways' latest Total Inability To Support Upwardness of Planes* caused by Amadeus system outage
<h4>Stuck on the ground awaiting a load sheet? Here's why</h4> <p><strong>Exclusive</strong> The British Airways IT system failure that caused the grounding of flights around the world yesterday was caused by an outage at third-party travel tech supplier Amadeus.…</p>
Taps running dry for Capita? Southern Water pens 5-year managed service
<h4>Phew! Water shortage scare not so, er, scary now it is?</h4> <p>The water wells across parts of England* may be running dry but Southern Water has kept the taps running on its long running managed service deal with Capita, extending the contacts initially by five years for £30m.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
5G whizz: Ericsson just turned in first profit since 2016
<h4>Networks the wind beneath Börje Ekholm's wings</h4> <p>Ericsson has dodged a loss for the first time in two years, after 18 months under the strict regime imposed by CEO Börje Ekholm, who took the reins at the vendor at the start of 2017.…</p>
Azure promises keep your backups safe and snug for up to 10 years
<h4>Auto-failover for Azure SQL Database when things wobble</h4> <p>Microsoft continued its drive to encourage SQL Server customers to move their precious data to its cloudy towers with the announcement that long-term retention and automatic failover had finally hit the big time.…</p>
Want to save more on Serverless Computing? You’ve gotta be FaaS
<h4>Earlybird tickets take off in August</h4> <p>If you like simplifying your infrastructure, saving money, and beating deadlines, you’ll want to know that you’ve got just one month to save hundreds of pounds on tickets for <a target="_blank" href="">Serverless Computing London</a>.…</p>
Why why why Di Data? Brit limb Advanced Infrastructure has date with administrators
<h4>Has loss-making UK arm plumbed its final network?</h4> <p>Dimension Data Advanced Infrastructure (DDAI) will not be providing network plumbing to the construction industry again – at least in its current guise – because the business is in administration.…</p>
Airbus UK infosec gros fromage: Yep, we work with arch-rivals Boeing
<h4>Says firm's airliners designed with security foremost in mind</h4> <p>Airbus's UK infosec chief, Ian Goslin, has said that cyber-attack attribution is a matter for "nation states" – and has questioned whether some critical national infrastructure companies are taking the infosec threat seriously.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Oldest swinger in town, Slackware, notches up a quarter of a century
<h4>Venerable Linux distro still keeping it clean, after all these years</h4> <p>Slackware, the oldest Linux distribution still being maintained, has turned 25 this week, making many an enthusiast wonder where all those years went.…</p>
Windows Server 2019 tweaked to stop it getting clock-blocked
<h4>Leap seconds issue solved, but without segmented smearing</h4> <p>Microsoft Windows Server 2019, coming <a target="_blank" href="">later this year</a>, will include UTC-compliant leap second support, both for added and subtracted time. But there will be no smearing.…</p>
Elon Musk, his arch nemesis DeepMind swear off AI weapons
<h4>Thousands of researchers sign pledge to not develop lethal AI</h4> <p>Hundreds of organisations and thousands of techies, including Elon Musk, Demis Hassabis from Google's DeepMind, and the head of the Chocolate Factory's AI lab Jeff Dean have promised never to support the development of autonomous weapons.…</p>
Oz researchers, uni unite against Defence overreach
<h4>Brass hats seek more control over technology and research</h4> <p>Australia’s research and university communities have united against what they see as Department of Defence overreach: the brass-hats want greater powers to control international collaboration.…</p>
Telco IT admins on red alert as Cisco flings out patches for security holes in policy toolkit
<h4>Twenty-five bugs writhing on the netops floor this week</h4> <p>Cisco has emitted 25 product security advisories – with four critical bugs flattened in its service provider-oriented Cisco Policy Suite.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
ME! ME! ME! – Intel's management tech gets a quartet of security fixes
<h4>Check your computer makers for patches</h4> <p>In case you missed it, Chipzilla has gone public with more security updates for the Intel Management Engine.…</p>
Big(ish) Blue: IBM sales creep up three per cent, share price follows suit
<h4>Cloud and security big winners in Q2 while Cognitive sags</h4> <p>IBM is touting the growth in its "strategic imperatives" business lineup with helping its revenues once again gain over the year-ago quarter.…</p>
Techie sues ex-bosses, claims their AI avatar tech was faked – and he was allegedly beaten up after crying foul
<h4>Punch up at Cali startup</h4> <p>An engineer is suing Pinscreen, a startup that supposedly uses AI to generate cartoon avatars of people, claiming he was illegally fired and assaulted after confronting the CEO about its allegedly faked technology.…</p>
Bloke accused of netting $5m on inside info about Lattice Semiconductor
<h4>Chinese broker faces prison, if he's ever found in Uncle Sam's jurisdiction and convicted</h4> <p>A Chinese investor has been charged in America with insider trading after allegedly using Lattice Semiconductor secrets to turn a massive profit on Wall Street.…</p>
Who's leaving Amazon S3 buckets open online now? Cybercroooks, US election autodialers
<h4>Hundreds of thousands of voter records and contact info spilled</h4> <p>Security biz Kromtech has unearthed two more embarrassing – and potentially dangerous – cases of groups leaving mass data caches unguarded on the public internet.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Google Cloud Platform reins in its trigger-happy account-axing AI cops
<h4>Chocolate Factory apologizes for overzealous bots as service wobbles offline</h4> <p>With no mention of Tuesday's Cloud Platform <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">service</a> <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">troubles</a>, Google on Wednesday heralded the arrival of click-to-deploy Kubernetes apps in the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.…</p>
Will this biz be poutine up the cash? Hackers demand dosh to not leak stolen patient records
<h4>Tens of thousands of Canadian medical files, healthcare worker details snatched</h4> <p>Hackers say they will leak patient and employee records stolen from a Canadian healthcare provider unless they are paid off.…</p>
Windows 10 IoT Core Services unleashed to public preview
<h4>Gizmos gain control over Windows 10 updates - at a price</h4> <p>Be still your beating hearts, Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Core Services has hit public preview and the software giant has indicated just how much it is all going to cost.…</p>
Brits whinging less? About ISPs, networks and TV? It's gotta be a glitch in the Matrix
<h4>Happy now? For realsies?</h4> <p>The great British tradition of huffing, tutting and whinging is in grave peril. Regulator Ofcom has reported a <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">decline in complaints</a> across telecoms, mobile and TV services.…</p>
So long and thanks for all the fixes: ERPScan left out of credits on Oracle bug-bash list
<h4>App security firm sanctioned in US over ties with Russia</h4> <p>Oracle fixed 17 flaws in its products found by ERPScan researchers without acknowledging the application security firm, which was recently and controversially <a target="_blank" href="">sanctioned in the US</a>.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Mellanox plumps up thanks to the storage world's hankering for high-speed Ethernet
<h4>Dell EMC and HPE help fuel record quarterly revenue</h4> <p>High-speed Ethernet biz Mellanox has posted record revenues for the second quarter of fiscal year 2018, driven in part by Dell EMC and HPE's seeming insatiable appetite for Ethernet switches.…</p>
Brit watchdog fines child sex abuse inquiry £200k over mass email blunder
<h4>Breach identified potential victims taking part in probe</h4> <p>The UK's data watchdog today issued the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) a £200,000 penalty after it sent a bulk email to participants that identified possible victims of historical crimes.…</p>
Reduxio turns inward and, er, sales off for the channel
<h4>New CEO prepares company for new direction</h4> <p>Israeli storage startup <a target="_blank" href="">Reduxio</a>, with its <a target="_blank" href="">shiny new CEO</a>, is going to sell only via channel middlemen and has waved bye to another exec.…</p>
Fork it! Google fined €4.34bn over Android, has 90 days to behave
<h4>Vows to appeal as Euro competition commissioner says: Stop it now</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong> What convinced the European Commission that it had a Microsoft-scale competition problem on its hands with Google isn't a mystery. Google engaged in a carbon copy of '90s Microsoft-style tactics.…</p>
Microsoft's 'room-scale' Ginormonitor probably not as big as a room
<h4>Inspire attendees paw at not-quite-a-Surface-Hub kit</h4> <p>Lovers of big screens in boardrooms, rejoice! The first of Microsoft's Ginormonitors (aka Windows Collaboration Displays) has arrived at Redmond's partner shindig in Las Vegas.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Call records breach let users feel like Movistars (with everyone watching who they're talking to)
<h4>Enumeration bug potentially allowed users to peek at each others' details</h4> <p>Telefonica Spain has inadvertently exposed the personal details of customers of its Movistar division.…</p>
Official: The shape of the smartphone is changing forever
<h4>Taller, narrower, and (some) notchier</h4> <p>The shape of the smartphone is changing as a fad turns into a long-term trend, a business analyst has noted.…</p>
Continuous Lifecycle 2019 call for papers is open NOW
<h4>Who do we want on stage? You of course</h4> <p><strong>Events</strong> Continuous Lifecycle London returns in May 2019, and <a target="_blank" href="">we want to hear your proposals</a> for conference sessions and all-day workshops, spanning the full range of agile, DevOps, application lifecycle management, CD, and container technologies and methodologies.…</p>
Micron-Intel 3D XPoint split: It's not you, it's m... nah, it is totally you
<h4>Breakup lays bare Chipzilla's failures</h4> <p><strong>Comment</strong> Micron's <a target="_blank" href="">commercial discussions</a> with Intel over 3D XPoint have concluded that the tech partnership will be <a target="_blank" href="">dissolved</a> once second-gen development is completed next year.…</p>
Wearable hybrids prove the bloated smartwatch is one of Silly Valley's biggest mistakes
<h4>When dumb is usually smart enough</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong> Imagine if Intel had decided in the 1980s that all of its CPUs henceforth would have a vast parallel processing unit worthy of a Cray supercomputer, integrated into every chip. This would quadruple the price of an Intel microprocessor, but "future-proof" its PCs.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Samsung’s new phone-as-desktop is slick, fast and ready for splash-down ... somewhere
<h4>DeX Pad doesn’t have an obvious role, but finding one will be fun</h4> <p><strong>Hands-On</strong> I’m typing this story on a phone – a Galaxy S9+ to be precise, lodged in Samsung’s new “DeX Pad” not-a-dock that turns its high-end handsets into passable desktops when connected to a monitor or tellie over HDMI.…</p>
PayPal's pal Venmo spaffs your pals' payments – and yours
<h4>200 million transactions visible to all, inc. the inside dope on a cannabis seller's annual sales</h4> <p>PayPal-owned digital wallet Venmo shares way too much data via its public API, according to Berlin-based researcher Hang Do Thi Duc.…</p>
Microsoft to pay new bounties for identity services holes
<h4>If ye can board Microsoft accounts, Azure AD or even OpenID without the skipper knowing, loot be your reward</h4> <p>Microsoft’s launched a new bug bounty program, this time for identity services.…</p>
Samsung touts bonkers-fast 8 Gbit DRAM for phones, AIs
<h4>Chip ships 6,400 Mbps, cuts power consumption</h4> <p>Samsung has shown off the first prototype of a somewhat-bonkers DRAM chip: at 8 Gbits, it's not news in terms of scale, but the LPDDR5 silicon pushes bits out the door at 6,400 megabits per second.…</p>
People hate hot-desking. Google thinks they’ll love hot-Chromebooking
<h4>Especially sysadmins who want to get off the fix-this-PC-now treadmill</h4> <p>Google thinks the time has come for widespread adoption of PCs-as-a-service, so has offered up its own experience as an exemplar how to get it done.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
AI can untangle the jumble of neurons packed in brain scans
<h4>Which should help neurologists to map the brain</h4> <p><strong>Video</strong> AI can help neurologists automatically map the connections between different neurons in brain scans, a tedious task that can take hundreds and thousands of hours.…</p>
The crowd roars and Ruckus joins in with 802.11ax kit
<h4>Access points gets WPA3, OFDMA, Bluetooth LE, Zigbee and more</h4> <p>Ruckus Networks has focussed on high-density environments with its entry into the 802.11ax Wi-Fi market.…</p>

Wired News

The Stars of the Comic-Con 'Predator' Panel? Thomas Jane's Feet
The actor hardly ever wears shoes—a fact his co-stars were all too happy to discuss.
Uganda's Regressive Social Media Tax Stays, at Least For Now
The internet is an essential tool for democracy in the modern era. And that's why the government wanted to tax it in Uganda.
How a #MeToo Facebook Group Became a Tool for Harassment
The closed group was taken over by abusive trolls, raising questions about Facebook's ability to monitor spaces designed for sharing intimate information.
What's Really Behind Apple's New MacBook Pro Keyboard
iFixit performs surgery on Apple's new silicone-padded keyboard.
Tired of Waiting For 'Kingdom Hearts III'? Check Your Phone
'Kingdom Hearts Union χ' hit mobile a couple of years ago—and is the perfect appetizer for the long-awaited console title.
Gorilla Glass 6 Is More Durable and Built For the Future
The next generation of Corning's Gorilla Glass can withstand repeated drops—and is built for the future of smartphones.
Nonprofit for Migrants Declines a Donation from Salesforce
RAICES, which received more than $20 million in donations through a viral Facebook campaign, wanted Salesforce to drop its contract with a US border agency.
Aerial Images Capture Swathes of Amazon Rainforest Destroyed by Gold Mining
Ernesto Benavides hangs out of helicopters to document the devastation inside Peru's Tambopata National Reserve.
A Comprehensive Guide to the Physics of Running on the Moon
Humans are going to live on the moon eventually. So how are we going to *move around* there?
Watch This Man Try to Break the Record for Paper Airplane Flight
On Friday, John Collins—aka The Paper Airplane Guy—will attempt to break his own world record for paper airplane flight distance.
Dive Under the Ice With the Brave Robots of Antarctica
Sending a robot into the icy depths and getting it back alive can be more challenging than communicating with a Mars rover millions of miles away.
Elizabeth Holmes’ Downfall From Theranos Has Been Explained Deeply—By Men
No one seems to have listened to the Theranos founder in her own words. Until now.
The Challenge of Teaching Helicopters to Fly Themselves
Aviation companies like Sikorsky are working on self-flying helicopters, a technical ordeal that makes robo-planes look easy.
One Young Boy's Magnificent Obsession With Fans
It's a parent’s job to think her child is exceptional.
Loon's Internet-Slinging Balloons Are Headed to Kenya
The former Google X project is now its own Alphabet company, and just signed its first commercial agreement with Telkom Kenya.
The 10 Most Difficult-to-Defend Online Fandoms, from Barbz to Pewdiepie's Bro Army
Artists and entrepreneurs aren't responsible for the actions of their followers—and in some of these cases, that's a good thing.
Trump’s Russia Denials Have Real Consequences
Trump has denied or downplayed Russia's attempts to influence US democracy three times this week—and that has very real consequences.
Airbnb Can’t Win New York—But It Can’t Quit Either
New York City’s latest bill is part of a long campaign pitting hoteliers against the home-sharing site. But success in New York is crucial—regardless of the consequences and costs.
Amazon Web Services Tests Out Two Tools to Help Keep the Cloud Secure
Amid frequent customer data exposures, Amazon Web Services is pushing to spot errors and promote access control.
Don’t Expect Big Changes from Europe’s Record Google Fine
The European Commission ruled that Google had unfairly used its Android operating system to harm competitors and consumers.
How a Flock of Drones Developed Collective Intelligence
Just like groups of birds or insects, these drones organize themselves into cohesive groups—a so-called "emergent" property of their individual actions.
The Best Post-Prime Day Deals From Apple, Walmart, Fitbit, Dell
Amazon's Prime Day is over, but rivals like Walmart are still holding huge sales on Fitbit, Beats headphones, video games, and more.
Prime Day 2018 Is Over: But Deals Remain From Bose, Fitbit, and More
Amazon Prime Day 2018 has ended, but there are still some great deals going. We've collected the best post-Prime Day deals, including some from Bose and Fitbit.
Reddit Reinvents the Chat Room With Subreddit Chat
Reddit wants to bring its communities closer together. Its solution: throwing it back to real-time chatrooms.
The False Tale of Amazon's Industry-Conquering Juggernaut
Jeff Bezos may be the richest man of the modern age, but he built his e-commerce empire by playing freely with new ideas—not disrupting swaths of industries
Photograph or Painting? These Landscapes Are Both
French artist Guillaume Hebert creates hybrid images that blur the differences between media.
Rising Seas Could Cause Your Next Internet Outage
In just 15 years, roughly 4,000 miles of fiber-optic cables in US coastal cities could go underwater.
Why You Can't Trust More Cryptocurrency White Papers
Crypto-developers—ironically, a community devoted to eliminating centralized authority—could use more traditional vetting structures.
Meet Jonathan Albright, The Digital Sleuth Exposing Fake News
Buried in media scholar Jonathan Albright's research was proof of a massive political misinformation campaign. Now he's taking on the the world's biggest platforms before it's too late.
Comic-Con 2018: What We're Most Looking Forward to at This Year's Convention
Horror sequels, a Momoa-shaped tsunami, and the Spider-Man we've all been waiting for—SDCC may be light this year, but there's plenty to look forward to.

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