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Zimbabwe's Mugabe ignores party deadline to quit
Zimbabwe's president has defied calls to resign, and his party summons its MPs to discuss impeachment.
Germany's Merkel suffers blow as FDP pulls out of coalition talks
Two months after elections, the liberal FDP pulls out of attempts to form a coalition government.
Charles Manson dies aged 83 after four decades in prison
The cult leader sent his followers to commit a series of brutal murders in the late 1960s.
Jana Novotna: Former Wimbledon champion dies at age of 49
The Women's Tennis Association says 1998 Wimbledon champion Jana Novotna, who had cancer, "died peacefully, surrounded by her family" aged 49.
Why do so many US women die giving birth?
While progress has been made to curb death rates in other countries, the US has seen an increase.
Florida plane highway crash caught on dashcams
The crash was caught on the dashcams of two police officers in Florida.
Don't play Santa to the EU, Tory MP warns government
The two sides cannot agree on how much money the UK should hand over as part of Brexit.
British Airways to board passengers in cheap seats last
British Airways starts a boarding policy that means those in the cheapest seats will be called last.
Newcastle man missing after Amsterdam canal party boat fall
The 30-year-old fell from the vessel into a canal near Amsterdam.
Three face no action over Gaia Pope death
Three people who were held over the death of teenager Gaia Pope will face no further action, police say.
Black Friday deals ‘not all they seem,’ shoppers warned
Consumer group Which? finds 60% of products were cheaper or the same price on other days of the year.
Argentina navy: Missing sub 'had called to report breakdown'
The Argentine navy boat vanished off the coast last Wednesday and no trace has been found.
This Morning: ITV apologises as show falls off-air
ITV has apologised after the live programme went off air for more than 12 minutes.
Dear Paris Hilton, here's a brief history of the selfie
Paris Hilton posted a photo with Britney Spears claiming she invented the selfie. In fact, she's about 167 years late.
The Queen and Prince Philip celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary
Images mark the platinum wedding anniversary of the Queen and Prince Philip.
Ant McPartlin returns to I'm A Celebrity after a stint in rehab
Ant McPartlin returns to I'm A Celebrity after a stint in rehab
The moment Labour MPs saw the exit poll
How did those Labour MPs who were not big Jeremy Corbyn supporters react to the 2017 general election exit poll?
A boom industry that lifted this woman out of homelessness
Sharon's life was rock bottom when she was homeless but now she has a bright future in the solar industry.
Pregnant at 14: 'I proved myself by getting good GCSEs'
Alex, now 19, says she has a good life - but would she want the same for her own daughter?
Here are the people battling online for Russia’s future
Who's winning the political fight on the Russian internet?
'I was shot in the knee as a punishment'
Northern Ireland church leaders condemn the rise of so-called "punishment attacks" against young people.
Why Singapore is training professional gamers
With the global e-sports market set to hit $1.5bn in three years, Singapore is helping train professional gamers.
Tattoos, piercing and dreadlocks on Egypt's streets
What's the new hair craze? Young Egyptians know it all.
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BBC coverage of latest developments
The terrible charisma of Charles Manson
Murderous 1960s cult leader Charles Manson has died, but the fascination with him continues. Why?
Germany political crisis: What are the options?
German leaders might yet form a coalition, but a fresh election is also an option.
The hit-and-run that killed our Liam
Liam Rogerson was killed by a car that didn't stop. His family had to come to terms with their loss.
Meet the world's youngest self-made billionaire
How 27-year-old Irishman John Collison created IT firm Stripe with his brother, and became personally worth $1.1bn.
Six charts about housing and pay millennials can't ignore
Housing, pay and debt are all issues that could come up in Wednesday's Budget presentation.
Why the fracking fight in Kirby Misperton rumbles on
The rural Yorkshire village taken over by anti-fracking protesters, police vans and lorry convoys.
'Don’t fall apart': Managing your mind at work
Like Minds: Does your work understand your mental health?
How refrigeration revolutionised global trade
The "cold chain" profoundly changed the food we eat and the way we shop.
Jana Novotna: From losing Wimbledon in 1993 to finally winning in 1998
Jana Novotna was consoled by the Duchess of Kent after losing the Wimbledon final in 1993 - five years later she won the title at SW19.
Tony Pulis: West Brom sack head coach after Chelsea defeat
Tony Pulis is sacked by West Brom with the club a point above the relegation zone and without a win in 10 Premier League games.
Ashes: Australia plan to 'open a few England scars' in first Test in Brisbane
England will be reminded of their failings in the 2013-14 Ashes whitewash when this series gets under way, says Australia seamer Josh Hazlewood.
Scotland call for fit-again Sean Maitland and Fraser Brown
Fit-again Saracens wing Sean Maitland and Glasgow Warriors hooker Fraser Brown join the Scotland squad ahead of Australia's visit.
Garth Crooks' team of the week: Ozil, Sanchez, Salah, Wilson
Garth Crooks gets whimsical over one player's magnificence and includes three from one north London club in his team of the week.
Autumn internationals: Jeremy Guscott on Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland
Scotland's agonising loss to New Zealand, England's demolition of Australia and Wales and Ireland's narrow wins are assessed by Jeremy Guscott.
Mohamed Salah: Egypt striker carries hopes of a nation at World Cup
Mohamed Salah, who has never even seen Egypt play in a World Cup, will carry the expectations of a nation when they compete at Russia 2018.
Zimbabwe's week of upheaval in under two minutes
From tanks heading toward the capital Harare on Tuesday to President Robert Mugabe's surprise speech.
What is the extent of China's influence in Zimbabwe?
The news that the head of Zimbabwe's military visited China days before it took power has sparked questions.
How social media saw the speech
The president defies demands to resign, triggering an avalanche of comments on social media.
Why Zimbabwe is in such a bad way
The recent history of a country in turmoil.
Emmerson Mnangagwa: The 'crocodile' who snapped back
Zimbabwe's former vice-president has had a volatile political career.
Respect your elders: Why cultural norms benefit Mugabe
Why political veterans like Robert Mugabe still command the respect and goodwill of their opponents.
Zimbabwe crisis in 10 numbers
The statistics that explain how things have got so bad in Zimbabwe.
Robert Mugabe - revolutionary hero or the man who wrecked Zimbabwe?
A profile of Zimbabwe's former President Robert Mugabe, accused of destroying a prosperous country for the sake of power, but still seen by some as a revolutionary hero.
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The Register

Another UAV licence price hike? Commercial drone fliers rage over consultation
<h4>Why bother paying, ask some law-abiding operators</h4> <p>The Civil Aviation Authority is threatening already squeezed British commercial drone operators with another licence fee hike from April, piling another 40 per cent onto their costs.…</p>
Who has 2,000 tickets to the gun show? Cisco's HCIA platform HyperFlex
<h4>In 18 months, Switchzilla has established itself in hyperconverged market</h4> <p><strong>+Comment</strong> After 18 months of selling, some 2,000 customers are travelling along the Cisco HCIA highway.…</p>
OnePlus 5T is like the little sister you always feared was the favourite
<h4>This time, the flagship challenger gets it right</h4> <p><strong>Review</strong> OnePlus has settled into the groove of releasing two flagships a year, and this Christmas-time 5T reiteration may well piss off the fans who bought the OnePlus 5 released in the summer. It's better all round, sports the 6-inch 18:9 OLED that's a genuine flagship display... and it's the same price as before. So £499 buys you some absurd specs: 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and £449 6GB/64GB.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --> told to tread carefully with transfer of data sets to NHS Digital
<h4>It’s almost as if it doesn’t have a great track record on patient info and IT projects...</h4> <p>The UK government has been advised against a hasty shift of vital data sets from one quango to another as it aims to centralise medical data collection and management.…</p>
Whew... Toshiba rustles up $5.4bn to avoid delisting
<h4>Weakens WD position on blocking flash biz sale</h4> <p>Beleaguered Toshiba, facing a Tokyo stock exchange deadline, has planned a $5.4bn share issue to avoid a delisting threat.…</p>
The Independent 'live streamed' space vid recorded in 2015
<h4>'We naturally regret the human error that led to the mistake'</h4> <p>For reasons unknown, on Sunday <i>The Independent</i> "live streamed" footage from space that was more than two years old.…</p>
How is 55 Cancri e like a Sisters of Mercy gig? Astroboffins: It has atmosphere
<h4>*No, mate. Just no* New model throws spanner in exoplanet debate</h4> <p>A new physical model has added more support to the theory that the large exoplanet 55 Cancri e has an Earthlike atmosphere.…</p>
ICO probes universities accused of using private data to target donation campaigns
<h4>Students allegedly screened for wealth, tendency to give money</h4> <p>Twenty-four British universities are being probed by the Information Commissioner's Office after being accused of using their ex-students' data to target those most likely to be extra alma to their mater.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Nouveau niche: Datos IO adds distributed app fragment recovery
<h4>Who are the RecoverX rivals again? Nice gig</h4> <p><strong>+Comment</strong> Distributed database protector Datos IO has added fractional backup and recovery so you can restore the data you want faster.…</p>
Container ship loading plans are 'easily hackable'
<h4>Look! A pic that's not a metaphor</h4> <p>Security researchers have warned that it might be possible to destabilise a container ship by manipulating the vessel stowage plan or "Bay Plan".…</p>
iPhone X: Bargain! You've just bagged yourself a cheap AR device
<h4>If you take the Apple shaped pill, you'll see things <i>different(ly)</i></h4> <p>Apple fanbois being fanbois, Apple's new iPhone X isn’t "super expensive" but rather "totally worth it". Or, as chief executive Tim Cook <a target="_blank" href="">styled it</a>, "a value price... for the technology you’re getting".…</p>
MPs draft bill to close loopholes used by 'sharing economy' employers
<h4>Shafting economy, more like...</h4> <p>A draft Bill intended to close the loopholes on so-called "gig economy" employment practices has been published today by the the Work and Pensions and Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committees.…</p>
Chainmail tires re-invent the wheel to get future NASA rovers rolling
<h4>'Shape memory alloys' mean tires can roll over sharp objects without permanently deforming</h4> <p>NASA has developed chainmail tires with a memory and thinks they'll do the trick for future rovers.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
It's 2017, and command injection is still the top threat to web apps
<h4>Open Web Application Security Project updated 'top-ten risks' lands on Monday, but we found a late, late draft</h4> <p>The Open Web Application Security Project will on Monday, US time, reveal its annual analysis of web application risks, but <i>The Register</i> has sniffed out the final draft of the report and can report that it has found familiar attacks top its charts, but exotic exploits are on the rise.…</p>
Weekend dealbook: Cavium to Marvell, Toshiba denies ASUS
<h4>Chipmakers could merge to take on BroadQual, Toshiba says its PCs aren't for sale</h4> <p>While you relaxed over the weekend, financiers and execs were busy doing deals, or hosing them down.…</p>
DNS resolver will check requests against IBM threat database
<h4>Group Co-founded by City of London Police promises 'no snooping on your requests'</h4> <p>The Global Cyber Alliance has given the world a new free Domain Name Service resolver, and advanced it as offering unusually strong security and privacy features.…</p>
F5 DROWNing, not waving, in crypto fail
<h4>Bleichenbacher, the name that always chills cryptographers' blood</h4> <p>If you're an F5 BIG-IP sysadmin, get patching: there's a bug in the company's RSA implementation that can give an attacker access to encrypted messages.…</p>
User experience test tools: a privacy accident waiting to happen
<h4>Researchers watch publishers watching you, ignore privacy settings, run over mere HTTP</h4> <p>Researchers working on browser fingerprinting found themselves distracted by a much more serious privacy breach: analytical scripts siphoning off masses of user interactions.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Some 'security people are f*cking morons' says Linus Torvalds
<h4>Linux Lord fires up over proposal to secure Linux by shutting down wonky processes</h4> <p>Linux overlord Linus Torvalds has offered some very choice words about different approaches security, during a discussion about whitelisting features proposed for version 4.15 of the Linux kernel.…</p>
Brocade undone: Broadcom's acquisition completes
<h4>Regulators happy. Now investors get to see if buying Fibre Channel was a good idea</h4> <p>Broadcom has completed its acquisition of Brocade.…</p>
The Social Network™ releases its data networking code
<h4>Open/R distributed router software goes open source, with Juniper, Arista aboard</h4> <p>Facebook has sent another shiver running up Cisco's spine, by releasing the code it uses for packet routing.…</p>
If you're big enough, Cisco will cook you a private software SKU
<h4>Custom big data bundles for Australia's Telstra pop up on product death list</h4> <p>Vulture South last week spotted an oddity in this <a target="_blank" href="">Cisco end of sale announcement</a> for “Cisco Select UCS Server Accessories”.…</p>
nbn™ to ISPs: share your speeds or we'll share 'em for you
<h4>nbn™ financials, the speed scandal, and 'what millennials like part 1,096'</h4> <p><strong>NBN Week</strong> Australia's National Broadband Network “speed scandal” was in the news again last week, as nbn™, the company building and operating the network, suggested it should publish its internal speed data to resolve the issue.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Arecibo spared the axe: Iconic observatory vital to science lives on
<h4>NSF approves plan to keep Puerto Rico facility operational after hurricane trashed it</h4> <p>The US National Science Foundation (NSF) has approved a plan to keep the famous Arecibo Observatory running after it was severely damaged by Hurricane Maria.…</p>
Aww: Apple won't be HomePod for Christmas
<h4>Sir Jony's nosey speakers delayed until 2018</h4> <p>Apple will fail to deliver its HomePod internet-connected speakers in time for the Christmas shopping season.…</p>
Then there were four: Another draft US law on 'foreign' (aka domestic) mass spying emerges
<h4>And this one is… not in favor of snooping on Americans, whoa</h4> <p>The battle over a controversial US government spying program has intensified – with a <em>fourth</em> piece of legislation tackling the surveillance introduced to Congress on Friday.…</p>
Big Cable's pillow talk with FCC to forbid US states from writing own net neutrality rules
<h4>You've got the authority, big boy, CTIA tells Pai... And such strong arms</h4> <p>The stomach-churning love-fest between the American cable industry and FCC Ajit Pai continues apace with Big Cable now pillow talking the federal regulator into how to prevent individual US states forming their own net neutrality protections.…</p>
Massive US military social media spying archive left wide open in AWS S3 buckets
<h4>Dozens of terabytes exposed, your tax dollars at work</h4> <p>Three misconfigured AWS S3 buckets have been discovered wide open on the public internet containing "dozens of terabytes" of social media posts and similar pages – all scraped from around the world by the US military to identify and profile persons of interest.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Dick move: Navy flyboy flings firmament phallus for flabbergasted folk
<h4>Highway to the donger zone</h4> <p>A US navy pilot in an EA-18G GROWLER is facing stiff action – after crafting a novel flight pattern that left much of central Washington state staring up at an anatomy lesson.…</p>
Shamed TLS/SSL cert authority StartCom to shut up shop
<h4>Chairman tells <i>El Reg</i> nobody will even notice its passing</h4> <p>Controversial certificate authority StartCom is going out of business.…</p>
Speedy roadster for filers hits the road. Don't worry Elon, it's a storage vehicle
<h4>Metadata lookup is super-charged, though, claims infinite-io</h4> <p>Infinite IO has enabled clustering of its metadata accelerators to scale performance.…</p>
New UK aircraft carrier to be commissioned on Pearl Harbor anniversary
<h4>You know, the surprise attack intended to sink aircraft carriers</h4> <p>Her Majesty the Queen will commission the new British aircraft carrier named after her into Royal Navy service in three weeks – on the anniversary of an infamous naval battle where numerous warships were sunk.…</p>
For goodness sake, stop the plod using facial recog, London mayor told
<h4>At least until there's some sort of strategy. Jeez – GLA</h4> <p>London's Metropolitan Police force's use of "intrusive" technologies "without proper regulation" could put a fundamental principle of policing at risk, the London mayor has been told.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Crewless dinghy signs to UK Ship Register for Middle East mission
<h4>Row, row, robot boat gently laying pipes</h4> <p>The UK Ship Register signed up its first unmanned vessel on earlier this week.…</p>
Lloyds' Avios Reward credit cardholders report fraudulent activity
<h4>Concerns raised over data breach</h4> <p>Thousands of Lloyds Avios Rewards American Express credit card customers have been targeted by fraudsters, the bank has admitted.…</p>
Why Boston Dynamics' backflipping borg shouldn't scare you
<h4>Ruse of the Machines</h4> <p>It's alive, it's terrifying, and it does perfect backflips! Boston Dynamics' gymnastic research robot Atlas has caused a minor panic on social media. With skills like this, surely humans are doomed?…</p>
Connected and self-driving cars are being sent to Coventry
<h4>Finding out how to sail through consecutive green lights</h4> <p>The UK Autodrive connected car consortium will start practical trials of its connected and autonomous cars on the streets of Coventry, it has declared.…</p>
True Telecom busted by Ofcom for 'slamming', misselling and more
<h4>Must cough £300k soon after £87k ICO slapdown</h4> <p>Ofcom handed down a £300,000 fine to business phone and broadband company True Telecom after concluding a year-long investigation yesterday.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Car tax evasion has soared since paper discs scrapped
<h4>A digital service that works for users, but not government</h4> <p>The abolition of the paper tax disc is costing the UK government £107m due to an increase in car tax evasion.…</p>
OnePlus 5 x T + five short months = Some p*ssed off fanboys
<h4>That flagship you just bought? Here's one better</h4> <p>BBK Electronics' OnePlus venture rolled out its second flagship of 2017 yesterday, the OnePlus 5T going on sale just <a target="_blank" href="">five months</a> after its predecessor, the OnePlus 5 in June.…</p>
The Reg parts ways with imagineer and thought pathfinder Steve Bong
<h4>He built a plane called Digital Innovation and told readers: 'Come Fly With Me'</h4> <p><i>The Register</i> is reviewing its relationship with columnist and Shoreditch entrepreneur Mr Steve Bong MBE after Mr Bong admitted to having a close working relationship with the Kremlin this week, in a piece titled <i><a target="_blank" href="">Yes, I took Putin's roubles to undermine Western democracy. This is my story</a></i>…</p>
So what does EE's 5G test really signal?
<h4>Over-hyped tech inches a step closer... maybe</h4> <p>Brit mobile operator EE has proudly announced the success of a "breakthrough test" for 5G, but what do these tests signal for future 5G usage?…</p>
A challenger appears: Specs for Samsung's potential Optane killer
<h4>Z-NAND has near-3D XPoint access latency and could scale capacity faster too</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong> How does Korean flash and DRAM chipper Samsung's Z-NAND compare to Intel and Micron's 3D XPoint?…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
UK private sector joins public in... Escape from DXC Max
<h4>Aviva and Centrica wanted cloud giant love. 1 outsourcer... wasn't ready... to let go</h4> <p><strong>Updated</strong> Insurer Aviva and energy supplier Centrica are the latest big customers to indicate plans to ditch outsourcing giant DXC Technologies, <i>The Register</i> can reveal.…</p>
It's artificial! It's intelligent! It's in my home! And it's gone bonkers!
<h4>Discoursing Descartes with my robotic pet</h4> <p><strong>Something for the Weekend, Sir?</strong> I have awoken to the sounds of electronic growling. Making my way downstairs, I discover teethmarks in the bannister, a pool of oil by the back door and the remains of a torn-open jumbo box of AA longlifes in the kitchen.…</p>
NetApp's back, baby, flaunting new tech and Azure cloud swagger
<h4>By George (Kurian), he's done it</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong> There's a new energy at NetApp. The <a target="_blank" href="">Microsoft Azure NFS deal</a> was a great confidence booster, and the two recent acquisitions of Greenqloud and Plexistor provide stepping stones to a high-performance, on-premises storage future and a stronger hybrid cloud play.…</p>
American Express inks blockchain deal: Will use tech to pay UK folk who bank with Santander
<h4>Ripple effect will later expand, says firm</h4> <p>Blockchain tech found another friend in American Express and UK customers of Santander. Well, sort of.…</p>
'Do the DevOps?' No thanks! Not until a 'blameless post-mortem' really is one
<h4>Can't blame middle managers - they always get the stick</h4> <p>What drives organisations to change their ways? What's the match that lights the powder keg of actually doing something new and different in IT? That's the question I usually get from organisations that want their approach to software to be more "agile", who want to go through "digital transformation", and, yes, "do DevOps".…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Anonymized location-tracking data proves anything but: Apps squeal on you like crazy
<h4>Boffins pinpoint homes based on people's device movements</h4> <p>Anonymized location data won't necessarily preserve your anonymity.…</p>
Fake news ‘as a service’ booming among cybercrooks
<h4>Fake sites spread fake stories to fuel pump and dump or other foul ends</h4> <p>Criminals are exploiting “fake news” for commercial gain, according to new research.…</p>

Wired News

Stephen Shore's Instagram Posts on Display at MoMa
Stephen Shore, whose photographs will be on display at New York's Museum of Modern Art in November, was an Instagram artist way before there was Insta­gram.
Mythbuster Adam Savage Has Made a Tool Bag, and It’s Beautiful
The gear-obsessive former TV host has teamed with bag-maker Mafia to design his own ideal carry-all for his tools.
Star Wars News: 'The Last Jedi' Will Put Rey to the Test
According to the actress who plays her, Snoke will put Rey through the wringer.
Iron Ox Brings Robotics to Hydroponic Greenhouse Farming
In a Silicon Valley office park, a startup is developing a system that could automate greenhouse farming and help feed the world.
Is NASA Nominee Jim Bridenstine Ready to Tackle Climate Change?
Jim Bridenstine faces a hostile GOP on climate—but he also needs to build cred with NASA scientists.
14 Star Wars Gifts for Your Favorite Jedi or Sith
With The Last Jedi around the corner, the Star Wars season of giving is upon us.
Scientists Look at How Humans Drive in Self-Driving Cars
Researchers are launching a gigantic study to see how people interact with assisted driving systems, like Tesla's Autopilot.
What Does 'Self-Care' Mean Amid a Barrage of News and Social Media?
In an effort to get my stress under control, I tried everything from isolation to intimacy. After a year, I finally have some answers.
California's Hepatitis A Outbreak Demands a Cure for Homelessness
When urban infrastructure enables outbreaks, it’s not just a medical tragedy. It’s a signal of a failure yet to come.
China Challenges Nvidia's Hold on Artificial Intelligence Chips
China wants to lead the world in AI, but needs better chips to achieve its goal.
Thanksgiving Hack: Cook Your Turkey Sous Vide
If you're still cooking the bird in the oven, you're doing it wrong.
Which Amazon Fire Tablet is Best For You?
Should you buy an Amazon Fire tablet? And if so, which one is best? We've got the answers.
While You Were Offline: Steven Mnuchin Will Show You the Money
Not everyone was impressed with the US Treasury secretary's bills, bills, bills photo op.
Behind the Scenes of the Dubai Airshow Spending Spree (Photos)
A look inside the show where the world's aviation industry just spent $113.8 billion on new hardware.
Headphone Gift Guide, From Beats and Jabra to Sennheiser and Shinola
Whatever you’re able to spend, you can get some great headphones for the audiophile on your list.
A Crazy Supernova Looks Like a New Kind of Dying Star
Astronomers are mystified by a strange star explosion in a distant galaxy that might be a relic from an earlier cosmological era.
Meet a Professional Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master from New York City
Meet a Professional Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master from New York City
Drone Gift Guide: 9 Choices From DJI, GoPro, Yuneec, and Parrot
Drones from DJI, GoPro, and Parrot, plus some add-ons that every RC flyer would love.
The Pentagon Left Data Exposed in the Cloud
Face ID, WikiLeaks, and more of this week's top security news.
'Channel Zero' Is Smarter and More Subversive Than 'Stranger Things'
If you're not watching the Syfy horror show you're definitely missing out.
NASA's Next Generation JPSS Satellite Will Scan for Storms Like Never Before
Inside the squeaky-clean room where techs prepare weather instruments for launch.
Self-Driving Car Tech Can Help Another Form of Transport: Wheelchairs
Opinion: The technology exists and is even affordable. The primary obstacle is a lack of investment from the tech community.
Space Photos of the Week: Check Out the Stretch Marks on Mars
Just like your belly, Mars has scars left by the ebb and flow of magma from ancient volcanoes.
Tesla's New Truck, New Roadster, New Lawsuits, and More in the Future of Cars
Plus! Lyft heads to Canada, GM talks electric profits, and more.
Gadget Lab Podcast: Pixel Buds, AirPods, and the Future of Ear Computers
This week, the hosts marvel at the speed with which headphones are becoming stand-alone computers.
Data Shows Nike’s Vaporfly 4% Marathon Shoe Increases Running Economy
The study that gave the Vaporfly 4% its name just came out in a peer-reviewed journal.
'Justice League' Is a Beautiful Mess of a Franken-Movie
The superhero team-up might be chaos, but it's hard to look away.
The Best Laptop/Phone Black Friday 2017 Deals
Our favorite laptop, phone, and device deals on Black Friday 2017 weekend!
Everything Attorney General Jeff Sessions Has Forgotten Under Oath
Over the course of four recent congressional hearings, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has somehow forgotten dozens of people, places, and events. Here's all of them in one place.
The Humor and Beauty in Capturing Graffiti Cleanup
These before and after photos show Vincent Wittenberg and Wladimir Manshanden's unique appreciation for a utilitarian photo archive.

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