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New diesel and petrol vehicles to be banned from 2040 in UK
Ministers will also unveil a £255m fund to help councils introduce steps to deal with vehicle pollution.
US moves one step closer to imposing fresh Russia sanctions
The legislation will sharply limit the president's ability to ease Russia sanctions in the future.
Charlie Gard: Judge to decide where baby's life will end
Baby's parents want him allowed home, but hospital bosses say a hospice would be a better place.
Brexit: Johnson, Davis and Fox push agenda on three continents
Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis will set out the UK's agenda in Australia, Mexico and Germany.
IS wives: Why I joined the 'caliphate' in Raqqa
The BBC's Shaimaa Khalil speaks to wives of IS fighters, now held by Kurdish-led forces near Raqqa.
Acid attack suspected as men targeted in Bethnal Green
The two teenagers flagged down police in east London after an unknown liquid was thrown at them.
Cities in England's north pressing for more money
Councils say they are concerned ministers have become less committed to the Northern Powerhouse.
Grenfell Tower: Council knew of emergency access fears
It was warned in 2010 that building a new school at the tower's base could block emergency vehicles.
US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian ship
The US Navy releases footage of a patrol ship firing warning shots at an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps boat on Tuesday.
Cardinal Pell will plead not guilty, his lawyer confirms
The Vatican treasurer denies all accusations of sexual assault against him, a court hears.
Obamacare: US senators vote in favour of debating repeal
Efforts to repeal and replace the flagship health policy of President Obama pass their first hurdle.
Widow rescued after week in US wilderness
Sajean Geer wanted to scatter her late husband's ashes in Olympic National Park, but got lost.
Sperm count drop 'could make humans extinct'
Sperm counts in men from North America, Europe and Australia halve in less than 40 years, research warns.
The Papers: 'End of the diesel and petrol car'
News that sales of new diesel and petrol cars and vans will be banned from 2040 dominates the front pages.
Gay and persecuted: One man's tragic story
Jailed for being homosexual, Keith Biddlecombe talks about how it changed his life
On a mission to Mars (with Hawaii stopover)
Researchers living near the active Hawaiian Volcano Mauna Loa are simulating what it's like to "live" on Mars.
'Chess makes me feel less angry'
Children from Sacred Heart school say the game helps them feel less angry and more prepared for lessons.
Ghana's dancing pallbearers bring funeral joy
Pallbearers are lifting the mood in Ghana with flamboyant coffin-carrying displays.
Cerebral palsy football: My disabled son deserves to play
Jude is nine years old and was born with cerebral palsy. His father started a football club in Stoke-on-Trent so Jude could play with kids like him.
How to holiday like a prime minister
Point at fish or get a street named after you to recreate these prime ministerial summer holidays.
China opens panda-shaped solar power plant
It's hoped the unusual shaped plant will power over 10,000 households annually.
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BBC coverage of latest developments
Letter from Africa: Freed Boko Haram 'wives' return to captors
In our series of letters from African journalists, Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani considers why women abducted by Boko Haram and then released would choose to return to their captors.
Lana Del Rey: 'I got jolted into the real world'
The star explains how 'being bombarded by news' made her latest album more political.
What makes this Kate Spade bag unusual?
Why a high-end fashion brand chose a land-locked country in Africa to make some of its handbags.
Detroit recalls five days of violent unrest a half century later
Fifty years after state and federal troops descended on Detroit to quell the unrest, locals recall the deep scars left behind.
Jodie Whittaker on her other doctor role in Trust Me
Jodie Whittaker stars in Trust Me as a nurse who pretends to be an doctor working in A&E.
Inside a US/UK trade deal
How would the UK benefit from a trade deal with the US and is it likely to happen?
The top roles women have never had
Who could follow Doctor Who, the Met Police and the UK Supreme Court in handing the top job to a woman?
Adam Peaty sets second 50m breaststroke world record in day
Britain's Adam Peaty sets a 50m breaststroke world record for the second time in a day, becoming the first person to break the 26-second mark.
Daniel Levy: Spurs chairman says Premier League transfer spending unsustainable
Chairman Daniel Levy defends Tottenham's lack of transfer activity and says it is "impossible" for other clubs to maintain their spending.
Diego Maradona backs video referees despite 'Hand of God' goal
Diego Maradona backs the use of video assistant referees despite accepting his infamous 'Hand of God' goal would not have stood.
Women's Rugby World Cup 2017: 'Deep concern' over end of England contracts
The Rugby Football Union should reconsider its decision not to renew the contracts of England's women XV players, says the shadow sports minister.
Adam Peaty breaks 50m breaststroke world record twice in one day
Britain's Adam Peaty breaks the 26-second mark to set a 50m breaststroke world record for the second time in the same day.
Jose Mourinho says Manchester United 'better equipped' for title bid
Man Utd can challenge in the Premier League but must get "much better" to compete for the Champions League, Jose Mourinho tells BBC Sport.
Ulster's Jackson and Olding face rape prosecution
Both Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding deny all allegations against them.
Hiding out among the net's criminal class
Researchers who rub shoulders with cyber thieves talk about how they profile the gangs and scams.
Ransomware spike blamed on easy-to-use malware builders
Experts blame a spike in ransomware on user-friendly versions that are free to download.
How long until Ukraine is hacked again?
A month on from the NotPetya attack, many in Ukraine are ready for further cyber-strikes.
How facial recognition could replace train tickets
A system designed to replace the need for tickets on trains is being tested in the UK.
Shoddy data-stripping exposes firms' to hack attacks
User names, employee IDs and unique identifiers are found in a survey of data on corporate websites
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IBM killing off its first go at cloud object storage – 20 months after launch
<h4>Move your data or lose it by August 24th or lose it, then ask if this would happen on-prem</h4> <p>We all know cloud is evolving fast, but IBM's just given us the downside of that speed: a service it switched on in December 2015 will be switched off in August 2017.…</p>
The drinks are on Juniper: Revenue and profits up in Q2 2017
<h4>It woz the switches and the cloud wot done it – sales of both soared</h4> <p>Juniper Networks has turned in a solid second quarter, reporting growth in revenue and profitability.…</p>
Qualcomm's neural network SDK made free for all comers
<h4>Facebook uses it for AR apparently. What? That's a positive? Our bad</h4> <p>Qualcomm's decided to open up its year-old AI, by making its Neural Processing Engine (NPE) available to all.…</p>
Google goes home to Cali to overturn Canada's worldwide search result ban
<h4>Confused? We can explain</h4> <p>What should govern the behavior of huge multinationals like Google: the law Google makes for itself, or the laws that people make?…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Cloud-ready storage needs super speeds and super integration
<h4>NVMe gives you the speed and reach cloud needs</h4> <p><strong>Promo</strong> Cloud computing has raised the bar for all organisations. Users now expect to be able to spin up big workloads and that those applications will be able to go fast with big quantities of data, on-premises and off.…</p>
AMD shocks the world by only losing $16m
<h4>Ryzen gets desktops back in the black</h4> <p>AMD wasn't able to turn a profit this quarter, but analysts are bullish on the chipmaker's solid Ryzen CPU sales.…</p>
Retailers would love an NBN backhaul tariff restructure
<h4>But it might be hard to persuade the government</h4> <p>When nbn™', the entity building and operating Australia's national broadband network, decided to revise its backhaul price book back in June and the the move was rightly welcomed. But the topic remains so controversial CEO Bill Morrow has flagged further possible changes.…</p>
For one night only: Net neutrality punch-up between Big Cable, Big Web this September
<h4>Move over, Mayweather and McGregor</h4> <p>The American spectator sport that is net neutrality has just got its own Rumble in the Jungle.…</p>
Amazing new algorithm makes fusion power slightly less incredibly inefficient
<h4>Cool stuff but no breakthrough (yet)</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong> Google and Tri Alpha Energy, a Californian energy company, say they have come up with an algorithm that appears to help scientists generate hotter plasma more efficiently for nuclear fusion experiments. Keyword: experiments.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Las Vegas locks down ahead of DEF CON hacking conference
<h4>Trust the hookers, don’t trust the Wi-Fi</h4> <p><strong>DEF CON</strong> Businesses in Las Vegas are locking down their systems as hackers fly into the fetid hell of Sin City for a trio of security conferences.…</p>
HP Inc, HPE both slapped with racism, ageism lawsuit
<h4>IT titans hit by class-action sueballs, dragged toward court</h4> <p>The two offshoots of Hewlett Packard are being sued in the US for allegedly discriminating against African Americans and older workers.…</p>
Want to visit your loved one in jail? How about Skype instead?
<h4>Massachusetts jail to kill off in-person meetings for more profitable solution</h4> <p>A jail in the US has taken its embrace of technology a little too far by putting an end to in-person visits – and requiring family members to video conference with their locked-up loved ones instead.…</p>
Luczo's so-so luck: Seagate switches CEOs, sales fall, 600 jobs cut
<h4>'Technology shifts present demand variations for the storage industry'</h4> <p>Seagate revenues fell 9.1 per cent in the three months to June 30, aka the fourth quarter of its fiscal 2017 year. It has also changed its CEO, and announced a headcount cut for good measure.…</p>
Intel loves the maker community so much it just axed its Arduino, Curie hardware. Ouch
<h4>Translation: It's all yours, ARM. Take it away</h4> <p>Intel's flirtation with the maker community appears to have fizzled out, although the chip giant insists its passion remains.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Adobe will kill Flash by 2020: No more updates, support, tears, pain...
<h4>Buggy multimedia nightmare won't see President Zuckerberg's inauguration</h4> <p>Adobe has officially set a kill date for its beleaguered Flash.…</p>
Hey, hipsters. Amazon has 'space' for 450 new R&D roles in Shoreditch
<h4>But don't hold your breath for when it'll start recruiting</h4> <p>Amazon today announced it plans to "double" its R&amp;D roles in the UK capital. However, it doesn't know when these mysterious new roles will be recruited.…</p>
Commvault shifts slowly uphill as it gears into hyperconverged drive
<h4>Takes small loss as it vows to deliver the goods later this fiscal year</h4> <p>Commvault grew revenues by 9 per cent year-on-year in its fiscal first 2018 quarter, ended June 30, 2017.…</p>
ALIS in Blunderland: Lockheed says F-35 Block 3F software to be done by year's end
<h4>... which is absolutely not what US gov audit-type folk expect</h4> <p>F-35 software development will be finished by the end of this year, Lockheed Martin has said – which contradicts the view of various American government audit agencies.…</p>
Taxi app investor SoftBank said to be driving at multibillion-dollar stake in Uber
<h4>Japanese firm wants to tighten grip on Asian ride-share market</h4> <p>Japanese firm SoftBank is reportedly aiming to take a multibillion-dollar stake in Uber, just days after it stumped up cash for Singaporean ride-sharing biz Grab's latest investment round.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Crappy hacker crew fingered for Bundestag snooping operation
<h4>CopyKittens persistent but easy to find, monitor and counter</h4> <p>Security researchers have lifted the lid on a new cyber-espionage crew that has targeted the German Bundestag and Turkish diplomats.…</p>
Creepy tech tycoons Zuck and Musk clash over AI doomsday
<h4>Stop saying it’s scary, Elon, pleads Zuck. You’re an idiot, replies Musk</h4> <p>Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has <a target="_blank" href="">told Elon Musk off</a> for scaring people about “AI”. Musk has responded by saying Zuckerberg's understanding is "limited".…</p>
Data analytics startup Iguazio reaps $33m in second funding round
<h4>Israeli newcomer has so far raised $48m</h4> <p>Data analytics startup <a target="_blank" href="">Iguazio</a> has raised $33m in a B-round.…</p>
Bone-up on machine learning and AI and enjoy your hols
<h4>Waste money in the airport, or save money with us...your choice</h4> <p>If you want to get on top of machine learning and learn how AI is leaping from the lab to the world of businesses, you <em>could</em> buy "something" for Dummies at the airport en route to the beach...…</p>
Southern awarded yet another 'most moaned about rail firm' gong
<h4>If you want good trains, go to Hull</h4> <p>Grumbling Brit commuters are more likely to moan about Southern than any other train line, according to the latest <a target="_blank" href="">national passenger survey</a> (PDF) from the UK's transport watchdog.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Devs shun smartwatch work, gaze longingly at web-only apps again
<h4>According to this 'ere poll, anyway</h4> <p>Software developers have almost no interest in creating applications for wearables or smart TVs, but they're keen on web and hybrid apps, so much so that native-only developers are dwindling.…</p>
IBM's X-Force to slip digits into IoT networks and connected cars
<h4>Pen-testing service delivered alongside Watson IoT platform</h4> <p>IBM says its X-Force Red security pen-testing brand is now offering connected car and IoT sweeps.…</p>
Quad goals: Western Digital clambers aboard the 4bits/cell wagon
<h4>The bit number explosion gets bigger still</h4> <p>In the flash numbers game Western Digital's 3D, 64-layer NAND is being armed with 4bits/cell (quad-level cell, QLC) and bit-cost scaling (BiCS3) technology.…</p>
House fire, walk with me: Kodipocalypse now includes conflagration
<h4>Copyright-agnostic streaming hardware fail UK safety standards</h4> <p>Pirate TV boxes may not be safe, IP champions FACT and Westminster Council, in the south of the UK, have claimed.…</p>
Science sugar daddy extends data-sharing policy to software
<h4>Wellcome Trust wants boffins to share</h4> <p>Moneybags research funder the Wellcome Trust has <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">changed its policy</a> on the sharing and management of research outputs to include original software, reagents and cell lines.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Microsoft ctrl-Zs 'killing' Paint, by which we mean offering naff app through Windows Store
<h4>It was El Reg wot won it?</h4> <p>Brushes bristled when Microsoft placed Paint on a <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">list of deprecated features</a> for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Now Redmond is promising fans that Paint won't be splashed into the abyss – just moved elsewhere.…</p>
Maps to the storage stars: Who'll make it big in next 10 years?
<h4>The newbies, the comeback kids and the maturing players</h4> <p><strong>Opinion</strong> Which suppliers will be the major storage players in the next 10 years on the same scale as Dell, HPE, IBM and NetApp are today? And how will they fit into the storage landscape?…</p>
Firefox doesn't need to be No 1 – and that's OK, 'cos it's falling off a cliff
<h4>Mozilla runs counter to Valley narrative</h4> <p><strong>Open Source Insider</strong> Just in case you didn't believe Firefox was on a trajectory that should have it crash and burn into extinction in the next couple of years, former chief technology officer Andreas Gal has usage stats that <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">confirm it</a>. To use Gal's words: "Firefox market share is falling off a cliff." The same could be said of Firefox itself.…</p>
The Reg chats to Ordnance Survey's chief data wrangler
<h4>On 20,000 changes a day, its public task and beautiful, beautiful maps</h4> <p><strong>Interview</strong> The UK’s mapping agency has brought in Vodafone’s director of business intelligence Caroline Bellamy to help define and drive its data offering.…</p> asks for bailout amid dispute over who runs the site and collects ad dollars
<h4>Google and Facebook both have fact-check site on their fake-news-fighting teams</h4> <p>Fact-checking web site says it is “in danger of shuttering” due to a commercial dispute that has starved it of revenue.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
In the Pearl River Delta's electronics souks, AI lets the haggling happen
<h4>With three different forms of Chinese spoken across one mega-city, smartphone translation is essential</h4> <p>The <a href="" target="_blank">electronics markets of Shenzhen</a> are bewildering. These football-field-sized buildings seemingly sell almost anything, any bit of electronics – chip, component, connector – if you know where to look among the myriad stores in the ten-storey towers.…</p>
Cassini captures pieces of Saturn’s rings
<h4>We can’t bring ‘em home, but we should be able to figure out what they’re made of</h4> <p>The soon-to-die Cassini probe has captured tiny fragments of Saturn’s rings. Cassini’s was launched in 1997, made it to Saturn in 2004 and has been there ever since. But the probe is running out of fuel and will be crashed into the gas giant in September 2017, in order to avoid possible contamination of potentially-life-bearing moons.…</p>
Python autocomplete-in-the-cloud tool Kite pushes into projects, gets stabbed with a fork
<h4>Cloud dev biz tries rainmaking, stirs up storm of complaints</h4> <p>Kite, a San Francisco-based development tools startup, has managed to alienate developers by quietly altering open-source projects for its benefit.…</p>
Kid found a way to travel for free in Budapest. He filed a bug report. And was promptly arrested
<h4>Protests sparked after web security hole reported</h4> <p>The arrest of a Hungarian bloke after he discovered a massive flaw in the website of Budapest's transport authority – and reported it – has sparked a wave of protests.…</p>
Symbolic IO CEO cuffed by cops, vanishes from his storage startup
<h4>Tech boss denies any wrongdoing</h4> <p>Symbolic IO CEO and founder Brian Ignomirello was arrested last week on outstanding warrants and for allegedly violating a restraining order, it is reported.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Ubiquiti firmware patch stomps nasty redirect bug from login screen
<h4>If you skipped the fix, fair enough - it landed before the vulnerability report</h4> <p>Popular wireless networking hardware vendor Ubiquiti patched a couple of serious vulnerabilities back in March and April – without telling the people who reported the bugs.…</p>
G Suite admins have just one button to secure their sites, but don't
<h4>Another day, another cloudy data leak, as admins fail to get one setting right</h4> <p>G Suite business users: go and check your configuration, and make sure you're not publishing enterprise information to the whole world.…</p>
Alphabet takes Euro antitrust fine in stride, spooks investors with rising Google ad costs
<h4>Meanwhile, 'Other Bets' group hemorrhages less than before</h4> <p>Google parent company Alphabet says that its revenues in the past three months have grown by 21 per cent – while the European Commission's $2.7bn fine took a big bite out of its net income.…</p>
TechnologyOne says City of Brisbane ignored its own reviews
<h4>Big-bang software rollout goes bitterly bad, where have we heard that before?</h4> <p>Australian ERP software vendor TechnologyOne has escalated a long-running row with Brisbane City Council, threatening to sling an AU$50 million sueball at the city.…</p>
Apollo center fundraiser: That's one small check from man, one giant leap for our peace of mind
<h4>Everyone else did the 'Houston, we have a problem' headline</h4> <p>An online fundraising campaign is asking for $250,000 to cover the costs of preserving and maintaining a historic control room used for NASA's Apollo missions.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Pathetic patching leaves over 70,000 Memcached servers still up for grabs
<h4>And that’s months after patches released and warning emails sent – sort it out!</h4> <p>If you're running the caching service Memcached, and particularly if you're exposing it to the public internet for some reason, please make sure you've patched it. Tens of thousands of vulnerable systems haven't.…</p>
Democrats (still a thing, apparently) are super unhappy about AT&T's Time-Warner merger
<h4>Busting up telcos is on LOSER party's agenda. SAD!</h4> <p>Democrats in US Congress oppose AT&amp;T's acquisition of Time-Warner and any other proposed big-time telco gobbles.…</p>
China crams spyware on phones in Muslim-majority province
<h4>On-the-spot checks by cops to ensure creepy mass surveillance tool is installed</h4> <p>The Chinese government is requiring citizens in Xinjiang province to install spyware on their mobile phones and is enforcing the policy with police spot-checks, according to several online reports.…</p>
Crims snatch 5.5 million social security numbers from Kansas govt box
<h4>A server where there isn't any trouble. Do you suppose there is such a server, Toto?</h4> <p>Hackers have lifted not only the social security numbers and personal information of half a million jobseekers in Kansas – but also records on more than five million people from nine other US states.…</p>
Alexa, why aren't you working? No – I didn't say twerking. I, oh God...
<h4>Amazon's unhelpful assistant also sleeps through its wakeup word on HTC mobe</h4> <p><strong>Hands-on</strong> No wonder Silicon Valley is excited about the Amazon Echo.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Cyber arm of UK spy agency left without PGP for four months
<h4>Meanwhile Huawei gets green light, despite failure to verify source code</h4> <p>UK spy agency GCHQ’s cyber security arm, CESG, was left without PGP encryption for more than four months, according to a government report.…</p>

Wired News

Adobe Flash Will Finally Die Off in 2020
No, for real this time.
Google Keeps Employees Confused During Wage Gap Investigation, Says Fed
A lawyer for the Department of Labor says, "Google’s response to the judge’s order appears to be a deliberate effort to confuse the media and their own employees."
Popular Remote Administrative Tools Turn Out to Be Easily Hacked
As the debate over "hacking back" heats up, it turns out that a lot of the time actually doing so wouldn't be all that hard.
San Quentin’s Web Design Shop Gives Inmates a Future-Ready Fresh Start
A new program helps inmates learn to code, and earn a decent wage.
Tomorrow’s Mini Medical Robots Could Squirm Like Maggots
Engineers are prototyping a soft-bodied drug delivery system capable of wriggling through flesh.
Climate Change Is Killing Us Right Now
The most obvious effect of global warming is not a doomsday scenario. Extreme heat is happening today, and wreaking havoc on vulnerable bodies.
Figma Wants Designers to Collaborate Google-Docs Style
The startup unveiled two key features that should give its competitors pause.
How They Pulled Off 'Atomic Blonde''s* Killer Action Sequence
Director David Leitch used analog techniques to make action cinema feel real again.
Mexico City Is Killing Parking Spaces. Pay Attention, America
One of the world’s most trafficky cities gets a parking overhaul.
Film Your Greatest Hits (and Misses) With These Action Cameras From GoPro, Garmin, Sony
These high-quality 4K video cameras will survive nearly any extreme stunt, even if you don’t.
The Perfect Comic to Honor Jack Kirby's 100th Birthday
Jack Kirby created scores of famous heroes, but the best way to honor him is this reboot of one of his lesser-known characters.
Humanscale, the Classic Design Tool, Gets a Second Life
The set of nine rotating disks shows how to design objects for people, using more than 60,000 data points.
How on Earth Did Aaron Judge Bean That Stadium Roof? Physics!
Stadiums are designed by engineers so that balls won't hit them—but physics finds a way.
Dive Into a Galaxy of Footage From NASA's Legendary X-Plane Program
The space agency has just released a trove of archival video, and it's awesome.
Magical, Striking Scenes From ... Google Street View?
Jaqui Kenny roams the world searching for the perfect photo without ever leaving home.
At Comic-Con This Year, the Biggest Stars Were the Moderators
With Reggie Watts, Terry Crews, and Damon Lindelof descending on Hall H, the era of prestige panel moderation may be upon us.
'Dunkirk' Ambushed Genre Movies at the Box Office–And Won
So much for our assumption that genre movies and comedies have an unshakeable stranglehold on the summer!
The Rise of AI Is Forcing Google and Microsoft to Become Chipmakers
The race to build up artificial intelligence is driving software companies to roll their own silicon.
Inside Andy Rubin's Quest to Create an OS for Everything
The Android mastermind is on a mission to connect our devices into a single consciousness. Ambitious? Absolutely. Possible? Maybe.
Google Fights Against Canada's Order to Change Global Search Results
The tech giant filed an injunction arguing a ruling from the Canadian Supreme Court requiring Google to remove search results globally violates US free speech laws.
The Google Machine Barrels Along Despite Record EU Fine
Note To Regulators: It'll Take More than Fines to Slow Down the Search Giant
Forget the Brake. Electric Cars Mean One Pedal Driving
Press to go, lift off to stop.
Jared Kushner's Senate Testimony May Forget Russia Meetings, But the FBI Would Remember
Anything the Russian ambassador says on the phone almost certainly gets caught on a FISA wiretap.
RIP Microsoft Paint. Thanks for All the Hideous Doodles
Microsoft Paint is dead, but it won't be forgotten.
A 'Locked' Smart Gun Can Be Fired With Just $15 Worth of Magnets
One smart gun model's protections turn out to be easily overcome–by cheap magnets.
ShieldFS Is a Clever New Tool That Shuts Down Ransomware Before It's Too Late
By sniffing out ransomware in real-time, ShieldFS might be the cure to the internet's latest security scourge.
'Game of Thrones' Recap Season 7, Episode 2: Nothing Is Certain
The seventh season's second episode is a valuable reminder that this show will always love to mess with you.
Great News! You Can Mute Gmail Threads
Your saving grace when someone overuses the "Reply All" function.
What It’s Like Living in the Land of Natural Disasters
Indonesia is a gorgeous archipelago of 13,700 islands. And home to 289 natural disasters a year.
Surfboard Shaper Danny Hess Makes Truly Gorgeous Wooden Boards
Hang for ten inside the woodshop of San Francisco shaper Danny Hess.

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