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Carwyn Jones to quit as first minister after the 'darkest of times'
Carwyn Jones announces he will step down as Wales' first minister in the autumn.
Syria 'chemical' attack: Experts finally visit Douma site
International experts make a much-delayed examination of the site of a suspected attack in Douma.
Boy, 3, drowns in David Lloyd fitness club pool in Leeds
The boy was swimming with his family in a David Lloyd Fitness Club in Moortown, Leeds.
India introduces death penalty for child rapists
The change to the penal code comes amid nationwide outrage over high-profile cases of child rape.
Real ale drinkers reject bid to widen remit
A plan for the Campaign for Real Ale to promote other beers as well as real ales is narrowly voted down.
Barbara Bush funeral: 1,500 people attend service in Texas
President Trump is not joining four ex-presidents at the former first lady's service in Texas.
Allied Healthcare: Home care provider seeks rescue plan
Allied Healthcare, one of the UK's biggest providers of in-home care, blames a "challenging environment".
The songs that made Avicii a superstar
Swedish DJ Avicii, one of the world's biggest electronic dance music stars, has died in Oman aged 28.
North Korea missile and nuclear test halt hailed
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's announcement is welcomed by world powers, ahead of key summits.
Theresa May: Compensation for Windrush generation
The prime minister says people who were treated unfairly will receive payments "where appropriate".
Man, 20, dies in Finsbury Park stabbing
Police found two men with stab wounds a short distance from each other in Finsbury Park.
Farmers hit by record straw prices
Low stocks and high demand for straw have combined to push prices to historic highs.
Artist's sheep's eye view of the Cambrian Mountains
One woman's summer spent living as a sheep in the Cambrian Mountains in the name of art.
The best and worst space films, according to Nasa
The best and worst space films, according to Nasa
Tourist takes crowdfunded trip to British islands
American Joe Hill thought a Facebook group for Jersey, the Channel Island, was for New Jersey.
Syria 'chemical' attack: Douma's warren of war tunnels revealed
Photographers have visited the network of tunnels used to move about Douma when it was under fire.
First Titanic menu fetches £100k at auction
A rare menu for the first meal aboard the Titanic, letters and a ticket went under the hammer.
Killer whales spotted in River Clyde near Dunoon
The mammals, which have been dubbed "urban Orcas" by one expert, have been filmed near Gourock and Dunoon.
Rare brown bear dies in Italy capture operation
The endangered animal died in Italy during an attempt to fit him with a collar to track movements.
Mia Khalifa filmed a porn scene where she was wearing a hijab.
Former porn star Mia Khalifa says she received abuse after she filmed a porn scene wearing a hijab.
Big goals from Wenger's seven FA Cup wins
Big games and great goals from Arsenal's seven FA Cup wins under departing manager Arsene Wenger.
'I want to look as good as my friends'
The make-up artist using her skills to help scarred women live a normal life.
Is a new hate speech law killing German comedy?
Comedians in Germany have been caught up in the county’s strict online hate speech laws.
The peace talks with a difference
How one man is getting ordinary Palestinians and Israelis to talk peace with each other.
Week in pictures: 14-20 April 2018
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.
London Marathon: The wacky outfits embraced by runners
It used to be rare but runners in fancy costumes are now a major part of the event and something the organisers encourage.
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BBC coverage of latest developments
Avicii: The superstar DJ behind some of the decade's biggest hits
Avicii, who has died at 28, made a string of huge dance anthems but struggled with life on the road.
Why has Kim Jong-un halted North Korean tests now?
What does the North Korean leader hopes to gain by his latest move, with two diplomatic summits ahead?
Six shops defying the High Street downturn
It's not all doom and gloom for UK retailers, some are managing to buck the trend.
Is marathon running bad for you?
Some 40,000 runners are due to take part in the London Marathon, but are those 26.2 miles doing us harm?
HQ Trivia: The free app giving away thousands of pounds
How does a free app with no adverts go about becoming a success with Hollywood actors whilst giving away thousands in cash?
Why I wanted my male rape to be on Coronation Street
A 23-year-old tells Newsbeat how it feels to have his own rape used as a story on a soap.
Fed Cup: Johanna Konta wins after Heather Watson loses to Naomi Osaka
Johanna Konta levels Great Britain's Fed Cup promotion play-off in Japan after Heather Watson loses the opener to Naomi Osaka.
Sunderland 1-2 Burton Albion
Sunderland are relegated from the Championship after Burton Albion fight back to win 2-1 in a game of late drama.
FA Cup: Dele Alli fires Spurs into an early lead in their semi-final against Man Utd
Dele Alli fires Spurs into an early lead in their FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United.
FA Cup: Manchester United v Tottenham - rate the players
Rate the players from both teams in the FA Cup semi-final between Manchester United and Tottenham.
European Champions Cup: Leinster 38-16 Scarlets
Leinster storm into the Champions Cup final with a stunning dismantling of Scarlets in Dublin.
Sarah Sellers: The nurse who was runner-up in Boston marathon
Sarah Sellers, a full-time nurse, shocks America by winning $75,000 second place prize.
Dog's 'cancer' turns out to be four teddy bears
Maisy's vet said "it was quite a feat" for a dog to swallow four full teddy bears.
Netball winner jokes that praise from Beckham 'better than gold'
The coach of the England netball team tells Newsbeat how one of her star players reacted to winning gold at the Commonwealth Games.
A neighbourhood in Victorville, California, is besieged by tumbleweed
Strong desert winds have brought unwelcome spikey visitors to Victorville, California, US
Nottingham mum 'goes bananas' over Asda's £930 bill
Bobbie Gordon says she learned of the banana drama after being contacted by a fraud team.
Tammie Jo Shults: Southwest pilot praised for safe landing
Tammie Jo Shults, a US Navy veteran, exhibited "nerves of steel" during the emergency landing.
Could new Stevenage store save Debenhams?
Chief executive Sergio Bucher says a new store, with a Nando's on site, is being used as a "test lab".
Knife crime: What's it like to be stabbed?
Four people share their experiences about being stabbed, what it felt like and what life has been like since.
No, the BBC is not reporting the end of the world
Concerned WhatsApp users have been sharing a video reporting the start of nuclear war. It's not real.
How 'ninja polymers' are fighting killer superbugs
Is the fusion of biology and technology speeding us towards a synthetic future?
'Theme park therapy' helps son to come alive, says mum
Robbie has the mental age of a two-year-old and is normally quiet and withdrawn.
The holiday village run by spies
An idyllic holiday resort on the banks of the Red Sea was a base for Israeli spies with a secret mission.
Obituary: Barbara Bush, social justice campaigner
The former US First Lady never accepted a passive role, and campaigned for social justice.
‘I was a teacher for 17 years, but I couldn’t read or write’
John Corcoran graduated from university and became a teacher for 17 years - but he had an extraordinary secret.
Susan Kigula: The woman who freed herself and hundreds from death row
How death row prisoner Susan Kigula studied law and changed Uganda's legal system.
Grace is 37 and has never had consensual sex
When powerful women began talking about their experience of sexual abuse, it had an effect on some of the most powerless women in the UK.
Americans going abroad for illegal heroin treatment
Opioid addicts are turning to a clinic in Mexico to break their addiction with a treatment that's illegal in the US.
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Cloud-surfing orgs under attack, Microsoft antivirus for Chrome, Windows 10 S bypass, non-RSA gigs, and more
<h4>Your guide to this week in infosec</h4> <p><strong>Roundup</strong> Here's a roundup of this week's security news, beyond <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">what we've already covered</a>.…</p>
How much do AI gurus really get paid? And is NIPS such a great name for a conference?
<h4>And how does Hey Siri work? Read about it here</h4> <p><strong>Roundup</strong> Hi, here's a few interesting bits and pieces from the world of AI. A public tax form from OpenAI reveals the crazy salaries of top AI researchers. There are more competitions pushing for improved image recognition models on mobiles, as well as training systems as fast and cheap as possible.…</p>
Time to ditch the front door key? Nest's new wireless smart lock is surprisingly convenient
<h4>But it's still hard to shake some concerns</h4> <p><strong>Review</strong> It's something we all do when we get home: rummage around in your pockets or bag, find your keys, identify the one you want and then stick it in your front door to gain access.…</p>
Facebook privacy audit by auditors finds everything is awesome!
<h4>FTC's heavily redacted report says everything's hunky dory</h4> <p>The US Federal Trade Commission has released an audit of Facebook's privacy practices and it turns out there's nothing to worry about, at least as far as accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is concerned.…</p>
Oh, baby! Newborn-care website leaves database of medics wide open
<h4>Health Stream, are you out there? The guy that found your data leak wants a word</h4> <p>A US healthcare company seemingly exposed on the public internet contact information for roughly 10,000 medical professionals.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Kaspersky Lab loses the privilege of giving Twitter ad money
<h4>Twitter's loss is the EFF's gain</h4> <p>Twitter says it will no longer run ads from beleaguered security vendor Kaspersky Lab.…</p>
No way, RSA! Security conference's mobile app embarrassingly insecure
<h4>Sorry about the hard-coded passwords, can we sell you some crypto now?</h4> <p>RSA has copped to a security vulnerability in the backend systems powering the smartphone app for its annual security conference, held this week in San Francisco, USA.…</p>
Amazon, LG Electronics turned my vape into an exploding bomb, says burned bloke in lawsuit
<h4>Scalded smoker wants injury damages, healthcare bills paid</h4> <p>Amazon, LG Electronics and KMG-Imports are being sued by a man in the US State of Rhode Island for selling a vaping box and batteries that allegedly burst into flames and set him on fire.…</p>
British Crackas With Attitude chief gets two years in the cooler for CIA spymaster hack
<h4>Kane Gamble gambles and loses on hacking skills</h4> <p>The British teenager who was sufficiently talented and stupid to hack the webmail of the head of the CIA was today sent down for two years.…</p>
Apple's magical quality engineering strikes again: You may want to hold off that macOS High Sierra update...
<h4>Because 10.13.4 is seemingly unstable and performing poorly</h4> <p>An increasing number of Mac loyalists are complaining that the latest desktop operating system update from Apple is killing their computers.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Twenty years ago today: Windows 98 crashed live on stage with Bill Gates. Let's watch it again...
<h4>Relive that sphincter-loosening Blue Screen of Death</h4> <p><strong>Video</strong> Let us pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that 20 years have passed since Windows 98 memorably fell over during Bill Gates' presentation at Comdex.…</p>
Drama brews on high seas as Playmobil ship running out of steam
<h4>Vessel charts a course to pirate tax haven</h4> <p>A Playmobil pirate ships's journey to the Caribbean sea risks being scuppered as its supplies run low.…</p>
Planned European death ray may not need Brit boffinry brain-picking
<h4>Plenty of laser research already going on – but there's more than one way to melt a drone</h4> <p>The EU is planning to build a laser cannon with double the power of Britain's under-construction Dragonfire zapper, according to reports – but the general state of the tech doesn't automatically mean Europe will be trying to snaffle Brit raygun smarts.…</p>
Samsung-backed gizmo may soon juice up your smartphone over the air
<h4>What a time to be alive</h4> <p>Wireless charging is becoming an ever more popular way to juice up consumer gadgets, but an international team of scientists may have figured out how to scrap the mat too.…</p>
It's a Pivotal moment: Dell's cloudy soft limb hits the stock market
<h4>Still firmly in Big Mike's clutches despite IPO</h4> <p>Pivotal has set its <a target="_blank" href="">initial public offering share price</a> at $15, with hopes of raising $555m and an anticipated $14-$16 price band. The shares are expected to trade on the New York Stock Exchange from today.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Creaky NHS digital infrastructure risks holding back gene boffinry, say MPs
<h4>Ask for clear budgets, better training and yup, public engagement</h4> <p>The state of the NHS's digital infrastructure and a lack of clear budgets risk holding back the UK’s efforts in genomic medicine and research, MPs have said.…</p>
Two's company, Three's unbowed: You Brits will pay more for MMS snaps
<h4>UK mobe network ups charges for sunshine selfie-takers, just in time for their hols</h4> <p>Mobile operator Three UK is celebrating the approach of British summer by, er, hiking its charges for some of its services.…</p>
And so it begins: Veritas lays off UK workers, R&D bods hit hardest
<h4>At least 100 out at cloud data wrangling biz, sources claim</h4> <p>Troubled private-equity-owned Veritas started making layoffs in the UK yesterday as its parent continues to implement <a target="_blank" href="">cost-cutting measures</a>.…</p>
Government demands for people's personal info from Microsoft reach all-time low
<h4>Just 23k requests in first half of 2017, says Windows giant</h4> <p>Government requests for people's data from Microsoft fell to the all-time low of 23,000 in the last half of 2017, as Redmond's rate of rejecting the requests rose to a high of 17 per cent.…</p>
EU under pressure to slap non-compliance notice on Google over pay-to-play 'remedy'
<h4>Comparison shopping websites won't use Chocolate Factory fix</h4> <p>Calls are mounting for the European Commission to issue a non-compliance notice against Google over attempts to address complaints about its market dominance.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
LESTER gets ready to trundle: The Register's beer-bot has a name
<h4>And garners industry attention</h4> <p>Buoyed by the usual <a target="_blank" href="">high quality feedback from readers</a>, the office automated beer delivery service has taken a step towards reality with a suitable moniker.…</p>
Tech bribes: What's the WORST one you've ever been offered?
<h4>Bros gig, smellies, branded socks... Here are our tales. Tell us yours</h4> <p>Some tickets to a Bros reunion gig in return for a favourable article? £1,500 to do a straight rewrite of a press release? Or some "free" man perfume from Kaspersky called Eau d'Eugene. Just what would you accept as a <span class="strike">gift</span> bribe to do someone's corporate bidding?…</p>
There is no perceived IT generation gap: Young people really are thick
<h4>Grumble grumble where's me suet pudding in Bovril etc</h4> <p><strong>Something for the Weekend, Sir?</strong> Blank faces abound. No, not all are blank: some are horrified, revolted even. What did I say?…</p>
Apple unleashes FoundationDB as an open source project
<h4>Secretive company talks up the need for open community</h4> <p>Apple has open-sourced <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">FoundationDB</a>, a distributed ACID-compliant NoSQL datastore, three years after <a target="_blank" href="">acquiring the company</a> that developed the technology.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
CEO insisted his email was on server that had been offline for years
<h4>When the dotcom bubble burst, the surviving techies learned the true meaning of just-in-time training</h4> <p><strong>On-Call</strong> Welcome again to On-Call, <i>The Register</i>’s Friday column in which readers share tales of tricky tech support tasks.…</p>
ZTE to USA: Sure, ban us, but you cannot afford such victories
<h4>We’ve done everything you asked - even implemented SAP - pleads Chinese vendor</h4> <p>ZTE has hit back at the United States’ newly-imposed ban on American companies selling to the Chinese networking vendor.…</p>
Here's another headline where NASA is dragged through the mud for cheap Mars wise cracks
<h4>Oh no, wait, that is the news. Except the cheap part</h4> <p><strong>Pic</strong> Water that once flowed across the surface of Mars caused the formation of mud cracks that were spotted by NASA's Curiosity rover, scientists have confirmed.…</p>
Oracle pledges annual Solaris updates for you to install each summer
<h4>And a plan to have users of Sun hardware upgrade if they want Solaris 11.4 and proper patches</h4> <p>Oracle will deliver “update releases” of Solaris every northern Summer, under a new plan it revealed this week along with news of the Solaris 11.4 beta and a hurry-along for users of old Sun hardware.…</p>
Will Dell eat VMware? Or will Carl Icahn snack on Dell? And where does Uber fit in? Yes, Uber!
<h4>Let’s get up to date on the crazy world of reverse mergers</h4> <p>The “what will Dell do to/with/for/about VMware” rumour mill has started spinning again.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Qual-gone: 1,200+ axed from Snapdragon, Centriq giant Qualcomm
<h4>Chip designer pushes hundreds out the door in cost-cutting drive</h4> <p>Qualcomm says it is planning to eliminate more than 1,200 positions in an attempt to cut overhead costs.…</p>
Oracle whips out the swatter, squishes 254 security bugs in its gear
<h4>Java fixes lobbed out, Spectre Solaris patches issued</h4> <p>Oracle this week emitted its <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">April security update</a>, addressing a total of 254 security vulnerabilities across dozens of products.…</p>
Google kills off domain fronting – and so secure comms just got tougher
<h4>Cloud tech tweaks end anti-censorship workaround</h4> <p>Google has made technical changes to its cloud infrastructure that have caused collateral damage to an anti-censorship technique called domain fronting.…</p>
Nominet drains mug of tea, leans back, calmly explains how to make Whois GDPR-compliant
<h4>.UK registry not entirely sure what all the fuss is about</h4> <p>The operator of the .uk domain-name registry has <a target="_blank" href="">outlined</a> the changes it plans to make to its Whois domain registration system to bring it in line with incoming European privacy legislation.…</p>
Bloke fruit flies enjoy ejaculating, turn to booze when starved of sexy times
<h4>Closer to human beings than previously thought, clearly</h4> <p>A new study reveals that male fruit flies enjoy the sensation of ejaculation, and are more likely to turn to alcohol when sexually frustrated. Sound familiar?…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Facebook puts 1.5bn users on a boat from Ireland to California
<h4>Social media giant continues its loving embrace of GDPR privacy rules</h4> <p>Facebook is quietly changing its terms of service to shift 1.5 billion users away from Europe to the US while continuing to claim it wants to offer greater privacy protections.…</p>
Yahoo! webmail! hacker! faces! nearly! eight! years! in! the! cooler!
<h4>Prosecutors ask judge to give Baratov 94 months for stealing accounts on behalf of FSB</h4> <p>The Canadian hacker who helped Russian agents by breaking into more than 11,000 Yahoo email accounts could spend the next eight years behind bars, if American prosecutors get their way.…</p>
Eight months after Equifax megahack, some Brits are only just being notified
<h4>I'm fsck-ed off it took this long, rages affected <i>Reg</i> reader</h4> <p>Some of the 15 million Britons affected by the Equifax mega-hack are only now receiving letters notifying them that they were affected by the breach, eight months after the event.…</p>
Beware! Medical AI systems are easy targets for fraud and error
<h4>You can fake diagnoses with adversarial examples</h4> <p>Medical AI systems are particularly vulnerable to attacks and have been overlooked in security research, a new study suggests.…</p>
BBC extends Capita Audience Services contract to 25 years
<h4>Nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and Auntie's Capita deals</h4> <p>Capita's fortunes of late may be in general decline but the UK's much loved IT outsourcing biz can always rely on the British Broadcasting Corporation – propped up by license fee payers – to dish out cheques.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Millions of scraped public social net profiles left in open AWS S3 box
<h4>Poorly configured cloud buckets strike again – this time, Localbox fingered</h4> <p>US social network data aggregator LocalBlox has been caught leaving its AWS bucket of 48 million records – harvested in part from public Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles – available to be viewed by anyone who stopped by.…</p>
Musk: I want to retrieve rockets with big Falcon party balloons
<h4>NASA: Been there, done that</h4> <p>While waiting for <a target="_blank" href="">TESS to get off the launchpad</a> on Monday, chief exec Elon Musk joked on Twitter about how SpaceX might set about recovering the second stage of the booster.…</p>
Mad Leo tried to sack me over Autonomy, says top HP Inc beancounter
<h4>Court hears Catherine Lesjak recall vicious infighting over doomed $11bn buyout</h4> <p>Hewlett Packard's chief beancounter, Catherine Lesjak, was at "war" with former CEO Leo Apotheker, who tried to fire her immediately before he himself was defenestrated, <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">a US court has heard</a>.…</p>
BT pushes ahead with plans to switch off telephone network
<h4>Consultation next month following plan to shift Brits over to VoIP</h4> <p>BT is forging ahead with plans to shut its traditional telephone network in Britain, with the intention of shifting all customers over to IP telephony services by 2025.…</p>
Evolving elephants: Hortonworks trumpets its '3.0 vision' of global data management
<h4>CTO Scott Gnau on open source, partnerships and simplifying Hadoop</h4> <p>Hortonworks – once known simply as a Hadoop-flinger – is these days pushing itself as a modern data architecture company.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
SpaceX finally Falcon flings NASA's TESS into orbit
<h4>Booster hurls probe, has nice sit-down on boat in the Atlantic</h4> <p>NASA’s <a target="_blank" href="">TESS</a> spacecraft is in orbit following a successful launch from Cape Canaveral’s Space Launch Complex 40.…</p>
Pyro-brainiacs set new record with waste-heat-into-electricity study
<h4>Spark off questions from burny laptop, melty server and hot data centre havers</h4> <p>Californian scientists have come up with a way of converting waste heat from electronics back into electricity with improved efficiency, according to a study in <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">Nature Materials</a>.…</p>
How 'parasitic' Google's 'We're journalists!' court defence was stamped into oblivion
<h4>High Court judge put boot into ad tech firm</h4> <p><strong>Comment</strong> Google's efforts to claim that it should be exempt from EU data protection laws because its search engine is "journalistic" really did not impress the judge in the Right To Be Forgotten trial.…</p>
Motorola Z2 Force: This one's for the butterfingered Android lovers
<h4>'Shatterproof', Mod-tastic, speedier stock Android – there's lots to like</h4> <p>Released last autumn, and with this year’s range hoving into view, Motorola’s Z2 Force isn’t the newest kid on the block. But it still remains the only “shatterproof” phone on the market, and it has proved to be a great base from which to evaluate the latest Motorola Mods, which you’ll see in our forthcoming Mods roundup.…</p>
Cutting custody snaps too costly for cash-strapped cops –
<h4>Home Office admits national and local databases don't talk to each other, so everything is manual</h4> <p>The UK government has admitted it can only delete custody images from its massive database through a complex manual process, and that it would cost too much to weed out all the images of innocent people by hand.…</p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' -->
Cisco snuffs Spark, renames it 'WebEx Teams'
<h4>And Huawei's given carriers a 14G network (it does 2G to 5G and we did the sums)</h4> <p><strong>Roundup</strong> Cisco leads the networking roundup this week, with news that there's one fewer way to avoid its WebEx brand: as part of a product reorganisation, what was Cisco Spark is to become WebEx Teams.…</p>

Wired News

Space Photos of the Week: Light a Candle for Hubble, Still Gazing Strong
The best way to mark the space telescope’s birthday is by looking at nebulae.
What If Aliens Were Totally Obsessed With Us?
The extraterrestrials in author Mercurio D. Rivera's 'The Love War' have a soft spot for humanity.
Xbox Hacking, LinkedIn Bugs, and More Security News This Week
Xbox hacking, LinkedIn bugs, and more security news this week.
Machine Learning’s ‘Amazing’ Ability to Predict Chaos
In new computer experiments, artificial-intelligence algorithms can tell the future of chaotic systems.
Thermal Imaging Cameras Could Keep Self-Driving Cars Safe
A heat-seeking view of the world could provide one more way for robo-cars to stay out of danger.
Just How Random Are Two Factor Authentication Codes?
Have you noticed patterns in those ephemeral, six-digit tokens? There's a reason for that.
It’s 4/20, and an FDA Panel Just OK’d a Drug Made From Marijuana
The treatment was fast-tracked for approval, and the first person to use the drug in the US was our writer's son.
DNC Lawsuit Against Russia Reveals New Details About 2016 Hack
In suing Russia, the Trump campaign, and others over the hack of its systems in 2016, the Democratic National Committee has also filled in important timeline details.
How to Build Custom Alexa Skills for the Amazon Echo
The new Blueprints tool makes it easy for anyone to build custom skills for Alexa.
Gadget Lab Podcast: The Tech We Can't Live Without
This week, we discuss our personal relationships with our most beloved gadgets.
'Westworld': Here's What Needs to Happen in Season 2
HBO's futuristic thriller has a whole lot of explaining to do.
Essential Phone (PH-1) Deal: Now $350 Unlocked
One of the best flagship phones of 2017 just got a massive price cut.
These Surreal Portraits Are Like Mathematical Puzzles
Kensuke Koike adds nothing and takes away nothing from the portraits he alters—just rearranges the parts.
The Selfie as We Know It Is Dead
Selfies may not be cool anymore, but their spirit lives on—just as it always has.
Science's "Reproducibility Crisis" Is Now Political Ammunition
A report from the National Association of Scholars takes on the reproducibility crisis in science. Not everyone views the group’s motives as pure.
Why Police Should Monitor Social Media to Prevent Crime
Opinion: Citizens may object to their social media posts being mined by law enforcement, but the practice can keep the public safe.
Uber's Peace Process, Tesla's Tantrum, and More Car News This Week
Plus: Electric scooters invade American cities and Lyft goes after its carbon emissions.
Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and How the World Seeks to Limit Black Genius
This week, the precision and thunder of artistic exceptionalism were on full display. So were critics.
The 11 Hypiest Hyperloop Projects We've Been Promised So Far
Now it's just a matter of seeing who can actually deliver on the futuristic, tube-based transportation system.
Calling Facebook a Utility Would Only Make Things Worse
Facebook is ubiquitous, yes—but we shouldn't put it on the same regulatory plane as telecom giants.
The 'Do Not Disturb' App Protects Your Mac From 'Evil Maid' Attacks
Detecting an insidious physical attack on your MacBook may often be as simple as alerting you when its lid opens.
Nintendo Labo Review (Variety and Robot): Cardboard Zen
Nintendo's big gamble on cardboard and imagination pays off.
23andMe Wants You to Share Even More Health Data
On a new health portal, 23andMe encourages customers to share how they manage common health conditions. It’s not hard to see who gets the better side of the deal.
Airlines Check Their Engines for the Flaw That Hit Southwest
Investigators says Flight 1380's engine showed signs of "metal fatigue," and now airlines are hoping to find similar problems before they cause another disaster.
The Security Risks of Login With Facebook
New research from Princeton University exposes vulnerabilities in the social network's universal login API.
Facebook’s 2017 Privacy Audit Didn’t Catch Cambridge Analytica
Audit by PwC came two years after Facebook learned that a university researcher gave personal data on millions of Facebook users to Cambridge Analytica.
Motorola Moto G6 and Moto E5: Price, Specs, Release Date
With the Moto G6 and E5, the king of budget phones has no plans to abdicate its throne in 2018.
Physics Explains Why Braves Fans Can’t Beat the Freeze
A spandex-clad superhero keeps beating Atlanta Braves fans...even when they have a huge head start.
Lansinoh Smartpump Review: A Solid Budget Breast Pump
This pump gives you more breast milk for your buck.
Virtual Reality Takes a Political Turn in the Trump Era
From climate change to reforming white supremacists: At this year's Tribeca Film Festival, it's about the medium and the message.

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